Vinyl Lovers Gifts – Top 15+ Most Sought-For Gifts

Your friend is a vinyl lover, and you don’t know which vinyl lover gifts to give them on special occasions? Here some useful recommendations.
by Helen Appling | Updated: March 3, 2021

It’s the wonderful time of the year for celebrations and holidays! It’s also the time that people would like to express their affection to others. Depending on their hobbies, we can choose some specific presents to surprise our loved ones on their special days.

How about vinyl lover gifts? Have you chosen one for your vinyl-obsessed friends? Do you have any ideas? If not, don’t worry. You can refer to our recommendations to make a decision.

Top 15 For Vinyl Lovers Gifts - What Are They?

Vinyl Record Collector Logbook

Vinyl Record Collector Log Book

All vinyl connoisseurs love collecting and storing vinyl records. But not all of them keep track of their albums in the collecting journey. Hence, a collector log book is such a great vinyl lover gift idea that is often ignored.

They can track and record, as well as make notes on each album, in an easy, convenient, and efficient manner.

The record collector's journal will grow along with your collection and be kept as a memory of your collection for years to come. It will eventually make an inspiring gift to be handed down through generations, as a colorful memory of a priceless moment in time.

That's why this is an extraordinarily thoughtful gift and will not make your wallet empty.

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A Turntable

We’re sure a turntable will make an awesome and classic vinyl lovers gift on any occasion! Besides, a portable turntable is even better for your friends to bring along for a trip or camping and enjoy their favorite music.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of turntables of different brands and price ranges so that you can choose one suitable for your budget.

Your friend may be looking for a new turntable to replace the old one, so it’s a good time to consider a turntable as a gift.

A turntable is the first gift

Vinyl Record Storage Suitcase

Due to the rapid development of smart devices and the Internet, the act of downloading, keeping, and sharing music is no longer impossible with the help of software applications. However, if you’re a vinyl lover, things don’t work that way!

Since vinyl music is something that belongs to the past, vinyl lovers usually keep a large number of vinyl CDs and listen to them using a turntable.

Vinyl Record Storage Suitcase

Do you remember the time that CDs were so popular? We often collected a lot of CDs, and some of them were broken because of the environment and outside factors. Vinyl records are easily damaged as CDs. That’s why we need a suitcase for storage and to avoid scratching and damaging.

A suitcase also helps us carry vinyl records around easily and protect them from the surroundings' impacts.

Speaker System

A quality speaker is good for camping

That’s wonderful when we have high-quality speakers to celebrate a party with friends. These speakers will make the party’s atmosphere greater. It’s ideal for holding BBQ or special parties on holiday at the end of the year.

There is no doubt that a good-quality speaker plays an essential role in creating and lively parties! If you think about throwing a big party at the end of the year or holding some BBQ meals, investing in a speaker system will definitely liven up the atmosphere.

Since there are various types of speakers on the market, consider your purposes of using, whether they are for big parties or crowded gatherings, to choose a suitable one.

When your friends receive this special gift, we're confident that they will no longer wait and invite everyone over to have a party and enjoy music together.


a preamplifier for vinyl lovers

To some extent, a preamplifier is not a popular gift among vinyl lovers, as some don't know exactly how this device functions. Basically, this tool works to make the sound smooth and perfect, providing even more wonderful experiences when listening to music.

You can guide your friends on how to use a preamplifier with their turntable, for example, and they’ll be surprised at the amazing sound effects this tool provides.


A headphone as vinyl gifts

A headphone as vinyl gifts is perfect for users to absorb into their own world without bothering anyone fully. Or your friends can make use of this device whenever they need some relaxing times at the office!

A Bluetooth headphone is more convenient since there is no wire needed. Also, headphones are popular devices so you won’t find any difficulties in choosing one as a present.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Do your friends like traveling? If they love exploring new places, a Bluetooth speaker will be useful for them to bring along on the way. No need for a pile of tangled wires; they only need to turn on the Bluetooth to enjoy music.

A Bluetooth speaker is convenient for long trips and neat to arrange in your friends’ suitcase.

Classical Record Player

Classical Record Player

A classical record player is also another gift idea for vinyl lovers to show how thoughtful you are!

This kind of record player brings with it an old-school vibe that can’t be mixed anywhere. Among hundreds of modern players out there, a travel-back-the-time record player sets itself apart and evokes beautiful childhood memories from its users.

Besides, playing some music after a long working day is a good way to reduce stress and calm the mind.

A Turntable Cover

A turntable cover is much needed if your friends already have a turntable. As their devices may get scratches or affected by external factors, a turntable is a practical and thoughtful gift-giving idea.

Moreover, having a cover available will let your friend be more comfortable whenever they bring along their devices. Not to mention the protection from dust and moisture, the cover offers to keep the turntable as good as new.

Vinyl Record Cleaner

To lengthen the records’ lifespan, vinyl record cleaner is a must-have item of any vinyl lovers.

This kind of cleaner will protect the records from dust and dirt, enhancing the record’s performance and durability. If you have no experience in shopping for this specific item, don’t forget to ask the seller which is the suitable kind to make an informed decision.

Cleaning Spray Bottle

To clean deeply and clearly, we should use one more tool when we clean the records with the brush. The liquid will help us to remove the hard, dirty areas and also take most of the dust on the records.


It looks quite old with our modern life, but it’s an amazing gift for vinyl lovers. They can use the jukebox to play the old collections, and they can choose the songs that fit vinyl lovers’ mood.

Pool Speaker

Why don’t you give vinyl lovers a pool speaker? It’s an original idea for the party around the pool. We need a speaker to diffuse the sound to everybody at the party.

It’s better if the speaker is a waterproof one, because you need to keep it from water games, which can break the speaker. You will feel more comfortable when everyone participates in the party without worrying about the speaker.

Vinyl Record Frame

A vinyl record frame is like a cover of the CDs. The frame not only protects records from scratch but also decorates the shelf. The vinyl lovers can make an album with their frame collections.

Vinyl Record Divider

A vinyl lover has got a lot of records with hundreds of tunes, but how do they divide into each type? Similar to reading books, some people use dividers to classify every kind of content. Also, some dividers will help the lovers to separate every kind of song. Some available materials you can find in the market are wooden, plastic, or acrylic dividers. Some of them are lovely decorated, so if a vinyl lover is a woman, that’s great to give her this divider.

Vinyl Wall Clock

All gifts we mentioned above are the tools for playing records or spare parts, but this is a decoration. Why not? It is a surprising gift, isn’t it? We are sure that the lover will be amazed by this gift. The general shape is like a disc, and in each period of time, the vinyl lovers can create a special time by themselves by writing their favorite songs into the clock. It’s nicer if the vinyl lover can listen to that song at the time.


That doesn’t seem too difficult to shop for vinyl lovers gifts with our suggestions above, does it? Depending on the receiver’s preferences, you can successfully brighten up his or her day with your wonderful gifts.

We hope you have a good time shopping for your ideal presents! Thank you for reading!