Sony PSLX300USB Review: An Amazing Automatic Stereo Turntable

My Sony PSLX300USB reviews show you a budget-friendly turntable so that you can enjoy your vinyl records and convert them to digital format to listen to later.
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 17, 2020

If you are here for everything related to Sony PSLX300USB reviews, I will show all about this good yet a low-budget option. Soon you know how it can stack up against other competitors in the digital age today.

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Sony PSLX300USB reviews – these Features Should Make You Happy

Simply speaking, this turntable is a good digital platform so that you can enjoy retro vinyl records as well as converting the music into mp3 or other files to listen to after that.

More importantly, this unit comes with a reasonable price that won’t break your bank.

So, we stop here and then you order it, okay?

Just kidding, my friends!

Please keep reading outstanding features that I’m going to introduce here and you know why this is a good option at this point.

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Sony PSLX300USB sound


In my sound quality testing, this version attained an average score of 5 out of 10.

Its clarity is good enough, yet lacks the crystal-clear sound that brings an excellent listening experience. However, the dynamic range is large enough to deliver the music tone and emotional depth.

Just note that it is narrower than what you can hear with the top-notch models, i.e. the Bose speaker.

In fact, I found some suggestions for improving the sound better by connecting the player to an external speaker. Although it is a nice idea, it is unnecessary, in my opinion.

So, WHY?

It’s because the Sony PSLX300USB is equipped with a built-in phono preamp. This is an awesome feature that allows you to play music directly from the player, without adding any external speakers.

Generally, this one provides sufficient listening experience like listening to a streaming service. It might not be what you are hoping for from vinyl; however, it is okay if you are new to vinyl record players or you don’t want to pay more.


Similar to the sound quality, the component quality of this stereo turntable gained an average score. It’s mainly due to the amount of delicate feeling plastic utilized in most of its construction.

Cartridge and stylus

In this price range, most turntables are equipped with a ceramic cartridge. But this one comes with a magnetic one that delivers a better-quality sound. Moreover, your records are less likely to worn out or get damaged.

Since the cartridge is fixed to the tonearm, it has no room for improvements in case you want to upgrade. The only thing that you can replace is the stylus or simply buy another better record player.

Let’s talk about the stylus!

It has a diamond stylus that is mounted on a thin-wall aluminum alloy cantilever for superb sound reproduction.


This device features a straight-shaped tonearm with a length of 195 mm. Moreover, it is lightweight to lower the pressure.

That means your vinyl will be protected well without meeting any issue of causing scratches on the record.

Tonearm Sony PSLX300USB
This product comes with a moderately heavy platter and rubber mat that is efficient at lessening vibration from the belt-driven motor.
A small note when installing it is that the belt should be placed in the right way or it might cause inconsistencies.

Vibration resistance

In terms of vibration resistance testing, this model did a good job with a decent score of 7 out of 10. It is capable of withstanding moderately strong bumps to the table it is sitting on.


This is a good point that the Sony PSLX300USB does overtake other budget competitors, getting a score of 8 out of 10.

This unit boasts a completely automatic cueing function, which allows you to get the record playing at right after hitting a button.

Besides, it is able to deal with both speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. It even uncovers the type of record and adapts to the right speed.


This version is completely automatic, that means you just hit the start button and then the stylus is automatically pointed at the beginning of the record.

And when it gets to the end, the machine stops spinning and the tonearm returns automatically.

Keep in mind that you need to choose the proper size of your vinyl so that the unit knows exactly where to drop the stylus. 7 inches and 12 inches are the available sizes that are suited for 45 and 33 1/3 respectively.

In case you have a vinyl record with a different size, you need to place the stylus manually. Hit the Up/Down buttons to choose any track you want. This button is used to pause playing as well.

Sony PSLX300USB Adjustments​

Other features

USB and connectivity

As mentioned above, if you want to rip your vinyl records to digital format, this turntable will help you.

Thanks to both USB interface and RCA output, simply connect the USB to the PC and then fire up the free audio software. As a result, the files will be transferred to the computer.

Ever so wonderfully, you can use mixing software for scratching or music production in case you are an up-and-coming DJ still learning the ropes.


The software that you can use with this turntable is the Sony Sound Forge Studio.

It comes with a great feature that can remove background noise as well as the usual clicking of the vinyl. And this makes the digital format clean and bright.

But some complained that it is not simple to use and you have to spend more time studying it.

In case you want something easy and comfortable, I highly suggest the Audacity software – a well-known audio editing program.

Still Have Downsides, Yet Not Serious

Except for the great features of the Sony PSLX300USB reviews above, you should remember that this is just a budget turntable. That’s why it still has some drawbacks.

    • First, this device is mostly made out of plastic, so it feels flimsy and looks cheap for some users.
    • The next thing is the dust cover. Since it is made out of plastic, it easily covers dust. Even worse, the dust is relatively glossy and thin, so it might lead to scratches if you are not careful.
    • Although the software that goes with the device is advertised to go along with all the features the best, it is a bit challenging to install and use.
    • A BIG issue that I found is the instruction manual for this turntable itself. Although this device is designed for ease of use for newbies or those who are not experienced, the instructions are unclear and hard to follow. Don’t worry too much because I will show a video online so that you can watch and then learn how to set up it properly.


1 – Do I need to buy an amplifier or directly connect this turntable to speakers?

As mentioned above, this unit includes a built-in phono preamp. And this is a cool feature in case your amplifier doesn’t come with any phono inputs.

2 – Does it convert 78 rpm records?

No, it doesn’t. It only has two speeds for playback, either 33 1/3 or 44 rpm.

3 – Does it come with a headphone jack?


4 – So, does it have a USB interface?

Of course, YES.

5 – Can I use it with my computer to make CDs?

Yes, it sure does.

6 – How to do it?

You need to install the Sony Sound Forge Studio software. Then open the wizard from the program and start step-by-step.


  • At first, play your album
  • Click the “record” button on the screen after the needle drops. Make sure you can see it making the wav file.
  • When the song is done, click the “stop” button.
  • Next, enter the Song Title, Artist Name, and Album Title. In case you recorded one whole side, it would divide tracks and make distinct wav files for every track.
  • When the process is done, click File, Save As and replace the format to the one you need.
  • Finally, burn it to a CD or simply listen by using MediaPlayer or RealPlayer.

7 – Is the tonearm manual or automatic?

It is completely automatic.

Whenever playback is done, the tonearm will return to the arm stand automatically. Then the platter will stop rotating.

8 – Can I replace the needle?

Yes, you can. Simply contact Sony to get the replaceable needle in case it breaks.

Or if you want something more impressive, try the Audio Technica ATN-91 stylus or the Sony stylus N-6516.

Let This Turntable Bring Your LPs Back

If all you need is a decent caliber turntable designed for old vinyl records, this version is what you are looking for.

Its sound quality is fairly good so that you can get a great listening experience. Besides, its USB connectivity makes transferring the audio from records to digital format and then enjoy them anywhere simple and easy.

More importantly, it comes with an amazing low-cost price tag.

All in all, if you are interested in the Sony PSLX300USB reviews, ORDER NOW. And do not forget to share your feelings by leaving comments below.