Best Record Player Stand (Top 20 Picks Vinyl Connoisseurs Will Be Obsessed With)

Whether metal or vintage, retro stands, with or without storage, or from Crosley, Victrola or Lumiwood. We've all in this exhaustive list.
by Helen Appling | Updated: May 25, 2021

The best way to save space and keep your records organized is with a record player stand.

We have compiled the top 20 of these products which are on offer this year for anyone who has their eye out for one!

Here’s what you need to know about each so that when it comes time, you can pick your favorite with confidence.

(PS: We are partial to the Crosley furniture, we've had ours for years. They're a pretty sound investment, hell, it may even become a family heirloom.)

TL;DR: These are our top pick among the top 20 turntable cabinets and stands:

Crosley Everett Record Player Stand

Crosley Everett Media Console Table

This is more like a small cabinet than a shelf, but it’s very comfortable.

Crosley Everett has a door to protect your collection from dust, particles, and sometimes your pet.

You can save up to seventy albums of records for a long time thanks to the inner space and wood quality.

Talking about material, we are looking at durable and qualified wood that resists mold, humidity, and mildew.

If you are a minimal person but interested in modern design, this product will match your desire.

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Ameriwood Home B07Z4F1KJ7 Turntable Stand

Want to give your entertainment corner a new life? Then Ameriwood Home Southlander turntable stand will be an ideal choice. Thanks to the laminated particleboard, it gives your room an updated and stylish look, perfectly suited to your home décor.

Despite its compact, modern design, there is no need to worry about this stand's record storage space, including two adjustable and one fixed shelf. You can store various types of musical equipment like audio and video tools, DVDs, and games.

Besides, there are four colors available: black oak, dove gray, espresso, and golden oak. Therefore, you are free to choose your favorite color so that the stand can fit your house.

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Pangea Audio Vulcan

Pangea Audio Vulcan Four Shelf Audio Rack (Black) Media Stand

Pangea Audio Vulcan, in contrast to Crosley Everett, is more like a record shelf.

However, it has a little art and design that distinct from a simple shelf on the market.

This shelf allows you to preserve up to 100 records as it can stand a lot of weight.

The material is also qualified and durable, while the surface is designed to resist scratches.

In short, you will love this product if you are looking for the one with affordable price and excellent quality.

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Victrola Wooden

Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers with Record Holder Shelf

You will hardly see a record player stand like this on the market as it’s very minimalistic.

Indeed, its capability is only a few records, while it has a sturdy top to put small things on.

You can also move the Victrola record stand easily thanks to its lightweight and portable size.

However, the most precious feature here is the wooden material.

It’s not like the cheap wood for cheap tables or chairs, and this is why we may see the relatively high price of Victrola.

This is suitable for those who want a minimal and portable record player stand.

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Way Basics

Way Basics 2 LP Album Shelf Vinyl Record Storage Cube

This product is record storage that can consist of a hundred discs thanks to its vast space.

Way Basics is a convenient and straightforward record player stand, which is purely to save your collections without any other purposes.

You will need a bit of assembling before using this product. Also, get some more glue and adhesive material to make the record storage more durable and sturdier.

As you may not know, Way Basics is not made of wood. Some people don’t like this as they think the product won’t last long.

But some believe that it's more eco-friendly when we don't use too many products made from trees and wood.

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Line Phono

Line Phono Turntable Station Turntable Stand, Vinyl Record Storage

If you are finding a portable record player stand which can place hundreds of discs, amplifier, and turntable, Line Phono is the best choice.

Its weight is much light that you can bring and move it to anywhere you like. You can also adjust the height of shelves to fit the albums’ size.

The most thing I like about Line Phono is the holes on the back of the shelves. These holes will help you hide all wires and cables of turntables and amplifiers, which makes it more aesthetic.

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IRONCK B0827ZFD8H Nightstand

IRONCK B0827ZFD8H Nightstand

What is particular about the IRONCK record player stand lies in its premium quality. Made of smooth MDF board and solid metal frame, this stand is hailed as sturdy and can withstand the wear and tear. The three-layer design enables users to store magazines, books, and other small items besides turntables.

The simple industrial end table is interestingly practical and attractive and can become a warm living room piece of furniture. You don't have to worry about the setup step with such a beautiful stand, as it is nearly pre-assembled. What you need to do is the fixing screws with tools and constructions included.

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Kaiu Vinyl Record Holder

Ilyse Turntable Stand

This minimal stand can store hundreds of records, while you can put a turntable inside. What a compact piece of wood!

Nothing much to say about Ilyse stand but its modern and simple design. There are two rooms: one for turntable and one for records.

However, you can put the turntable on the top, while books and small trees can be placed below. 

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Zinus OLB-ET-2020W Modern Studio

Zinus OLB-ET-2020W Modern Studio

Zinus Modern Studio Collection is sure to catch your attention at first sight to a modern and fashionable person. This turntable stand is such a good combination of function and style that it is hard to ignore it on the market shelf.

When it comes to its design, Modern Studio Collection proves easy to assemble and suitable for any available corner around your home. What makes it stand out is its red mahogany wood grain finish and strong square steel tubing legs, convenient for cleaning and creating a stylish décor.

Besides its beauty and attractiveness, it is so useful and versatile that you can use it as a turntable stand, a coffee table, and a nightstand.

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Novogratz Concord

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

When looking at this product, you are sure if this is a piece of furniture or a record player stand because Novogratz Concord is more than just a stand.

This lavish, mid century modern wooden cabinet is unique thanks to its appearance and capacity.

You can use it as an item of decorating furniture in your room, while it can keep hundreds of your precious albums.

There is also space for turntables and amplifiers on the top, which is very comfortable.

You can put things such as a lamp, book, or photo frame on this wooden cabinet, and it still looks aesthetic and tidy.

This beautiful record stand can last a lifetime, so don't worry much if you are going to buy it.

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Vasagle Industrial

VASAGLE Industrial record player stand

This rustic record player stand is a favorite for those who are fans of minimalistic.

The central part is made of real wood to save a couple of collections with regular size, while the sides are pieces of durable metal legs.

However, the stand is light and easy to move, so you can place it anywhere you want.

There is a space for you to put amplifiers and turntables. The metal legs can also be adjusted to fit your requirements.

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Lumiwood Vinyl Record storage, Record Player Cabinet, Media Console, Record player stand

The Lumiwood Record Player Stand is a unique piece of furniture that will look great in any living space. We love this little number because it's got a mid century modern look.

The top has been cut to allow for turntable placement, while the middle holds an amplifier (or receiver) and records are stored on either side. Especially notable about this product is its high quality oak.

Since it makes up much of the structure you'll be able to enjoy your music with peace-of-mind knowing that every little detail was carefully crafted by hand.

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Crosley ST75-BK

Crosley ST75-BK

Crosley ST75-BK is a bit special due to its design and material. As you can see, all models above are made of wood, while the primary material for this product is metal.

Moreover, there is a glass window to keep your collections from dust and dirt.

Crosley ST75-BK is a great and portable cabinet that you can easily move it to the position you like.

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mDesign 09112MDHSEU Side/End Table

mDesign 09112MDHSEU Side

At first glance, this turntable stand is strong and durable thanks to its quality construction and modern design. The strong steel metal wire provides users with a rust-resistant finish and allows the easy cleaning step.

Besides, the stand is a combination of both modern and traditional decorating schemes, sure to add a stylish feature to your home décor.

The stand is large and spacious enough to store all kinds of books, magazines, and smart devices, but compact enough to fit small available spaces. Moreover, the flat and large tabletop is a perfect corner for decorative items like photos, plant pots, or teacups.

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Marte Media Console Record Player Stand

Marte Media Console

A rustic-style record player stand for those who are interested in vintage and wood interior - Marte Media Console.

Like other stands, you can place your player on the top, while preserving records inside the cabinet.

There are two doors that can open wide, which allows you to get things in and out easily. The inner space is also vast and can store up to hundreds of records. In our books, that's decent record storage.

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center stand

Crosley ST66-PA Manchester Entertainment Center stand

Let's go back to the old days of the mid century modern with the Crosley turntable stand. It shows a simple yet effective design made fully of high-quality solid wood, and a hand-rubbed finish available in four colors. These features make the Crosley stand look so attractive and suited to any home décor.

We think Crosley furniture is something else (can you tell?). It could effectively be used as a side-table!

While the two table surfaces provide you with spacious storage of books, CDs, turntables, or decorative items, there are four-wire record storage slots, designed to store music records. So if you like a simple and lightweight stand, this one is sure to meet your demands.

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Crosley Furniture Everett Mid Century Modern Record Player Stand

Gardner Record Player Stand

Crosley Furniture is specially designed with a smooth and elegant finish. It brings the vintage style with light brown color, a door, and four short legs.

You can not save many collections in this cabinet, but your stuff will be kept away from dust, pets, or your babies.

The turntable is put on top for a perfect decoration.

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Way Basics Extra Large Cube Stackable LP Album Shelf

LP Album Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage

We can’t stand this lovely record stand because of its size and color. It has six compartments like a bookshelf, which can conclude hundreds of albums.

This piece is made by hand, but it’s not too expensive. If you are a bookworm and a listener, this model is a perfect choice.

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Darla Studio 66 3 Tier Turntable Stand

Darla Studio 66 3 Tier Turntable Stand

Compared to other turntable stands, Darla Studio features such a unique and attractive, modern design. Made in the USA, this stand is well-known for its premium quality and a classic feeling, bringing users back to the country life and their good old days.

Moreover, as the most talented craftsmen have devoted their dedication to the product, each Darla Studio stand has a sturdy and strong construction, promising customers long-term use and a durable turntable shelf.

If you are a décor lover, Darla Studio will also be your ideal choice, as it may blow new wind into your house with its simple yet eye-catching construction.

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Winsome Wood 92314 Record Player Stand

Winsome Wood 92314

Another simple wooden stand joins the list.

Winsome Wood 92314 is made open air that makes it easy to connect wires between amplifiers and turntables.

Moreover, they use high-quality wood to make the frame that may last a lifetime.

Don't hesitate to take this model if you are a big fan of vinyl and records, as it can keep several hundreds of discs.

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Final Words

Above are the top 20 best record player stands for your various choices and references.

It depends on your style, budget, and hobbies that you will pick one or more for yourself. It also depends on how many records you're planning to store.

So which one do you like most? Let us know by commenting below.

*Table's last update on 2023-05-31. Information is from the Amazon Product Advertising API. They're accurate as of the date and time indicated and are subject to change.