Top 10 Must-Have Michael Jackson Vinyl To Own

Are you looking for some of the best Michael Jackson vinyl records? Let's read this post to get more info for your shopping!
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 19, 2020

Michael Jackson is called the "king of pop" because of his popularity and influence in the world of music. With a career span that lasts for more than 40 years, he is the one who shaped the styles of pop, changed the movement of the music, and created new trends such as the "moonwalk dance".

Jackson died in 2009, leaving behind many best-of-all-time songs and albums that music lovers will never forget. Until now, people still search for Michael Jackson's albums for the purpose of enjoying music and storing.

However, with such a long career span, Jackson had so many albums, maybe they couldn't be vinyl records over $3000, but but all of them range from over $ 1000 to over $ 2000 and it's hard to listen to all of them. So, in this post, let us give you the top 10 Michael Jackson vinyl records recommended by many fans worldwide so that you can decide which album to buy!

Top 10 Michael Jackson Vinyl Records Of All Time 

Got To Be There 

Michael Jackson got to be there

Let's dive deep into our first selection on the list - Got To Be There. Released in 1972 - more than 40 years ago - this album is still on the best-selling list of all time from the legend artist Michael Jackson.

Got To Be There is Michael Jackson's first solo album, making it an important milestone in his career. The album also gains him the first recognition on the music chart as Michael Jackson - not Jackson 5 anymore.

In specific, "Ain't No Sunshine" is the impressive remix from Bill Withers's song, "'Rockin' Robin" is remade funkily, while James Taylor's famous song "You've Got a Friend" is also covered by the mature vocal of Michael Jackson.

Besides, "Maria (You Were The Only One)", "In Our Small Way", "Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me", and Mike's second hit, "I Wanna Be Where You Are" are also the top famous records at the time.

Michael Jackson is the legend of pop music. As one said, he did not follow the trend; he created it. He was the inspiration and still is of many famous young talents around the world. And Got To Be There is where it all begins.

Dancing Machine

Dancing Machine MJ album

This album was recorded while Jackson was still a part of Jackson 5 in 1973. Following the success of the song "Dancing Machine" of Jackson 5's ninth album, the band decided to remix that song into a different genre and used that name for the tenth album.

The first track "I Am Love" created such a distinctive mood for the album. It started with a slow beat just like other ballad songs, but then suddenly changed into funky rock-inspired beats. The same motif repeated all over the album with a slow beginning and fast chorus, fast ending.

If you are a rock fan, this album is definitely what you need for a night out.


Michael Jackson ABC album

ABC is the second Jackson 5 on this list. Released in 1974, this album perfectly features Jackson 5's signature Indiana music style. The first records showed the group as talented, but not until ABC that they were recognized as "something special".

Through this album, 12-year-old Michael has proved himself as an excellent vocalist. His ability to convey feelings and interpret the message behind the song was rated outstanding for people at the age of 12 like him then.

In "One More Chance", Michael Jackson was successful in pleading redemption. In "Never Had A Dream Come True", 12-year-old Michael sang about failure and missed chances with such a thick, tenor voice just like an experienced man.

Other famous records like "Don't Know Why I Love You" or "True Love Can Be Beautiful" were also the showcase for him to prove his talent.

In short, the ABC album is a hidden R&B gem that any Jackson's fan should seek to discover the first period in the career of these reputable R&B kings.


Michael Jackson Bad Vinyl

Following the success of Thriller, Michael Jackson released one of his best selling albums of all time: Bad. It took him five years after Thriller to complete this legendary album, but that was all worth it.

In this comeback, Jackson and Quincy Jones decided to take a break from disco and lean forward dance, rock, and metal. With that being said, Jackson also added a more funky beat and "clubbing" vibe to his songs.

Jackson's performances throughout this album were definitely spot-on. Applying the synthetic brass sections and blocky textures, the artists provided a "Thriller-alike" vibe to Bad. In other words, songs in "Bad" offered a similar vibe to the 80s pop.

What made this album a big success economically was that most of its songs were super catchy. Any songs, from Smooth Criminal, Bad to Man in the Mirror, The Way You Make Me can become hits.

Off The Wall

Michael Jackson Off The Wall

Released in 1979 when Jackson was 21, this album was created to showcase himself as a mature man, a solo artist that wouldn't be a sweet kid of Jackson 5 anymore.

During these 70s, Jackson was considered a singer-songwriter-performer. With the unique talent in songwriting, Jackson managed to compose signature songs that feature his sense of Art. Along with Quincy Jones, he experimented with composing many R&B/pop songs that later became his first hits.

What made Off The Wall distinctive was that it was the first time Jackson showcased himself in a way he hadn't before. Specifically, we had "Rock With You" with the disco groove and fast-driven chorus. Besides, "Working Day and Night" bristled with funky beats and intense rhythm. Combined with the sweet falsetto vocal from Jackson, the song became a big hit in the meantime.

This Is It

Michael Jackson's This Is It [Vinyl] by Michael Jackson

"This Is It" released at the time Jackson was struggling in many scandals, so this project appeared as a confirmation of the artist to the fan: this is "It" - the music - what they love about him and what they should pay attention to - not his personal life.

The album contains many old Jackson's songs. The opening song is "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin" which was composed in a fast rhythm. Another famous MJ's song, "Smooth Criminal", the symbol of his new jack swing of the 80s, was also included in this collection.

"Jam" was remade in a new perspective. Featured in the video was two Michaels, Jackson and Jordan - two "titan" of their fields - shared the same screen. The idea for this video impressed many fans at the time.

HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I 

MJ History Past, Present and Future, Book I

This product contains all of Michael Jackson's most famous songs. From the long-aged ones like Scream, You Are Not Alone, They Don't Care About Us, Black or White, to the recent songs as Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, Smooth Criminal, audiences can enjoy listening to in one collection.

For new fans of Michael Jackson, this album was definitely what they should look up. They will be provided a full-package journey along with Michael Jackson's music style through his career. From when he was a teenager who tried to break out of the image of a sweet kid, to the rocky, funky, crazy and unique MJ.

Another great point about this album was that it featured songs from various genres: pop, dance, rock, and disco.

Music and Me

Michael Jackson Music and me

Music and Me was Michael Jackson's third solo album after separating from the Jackson 5. Released in 1973, the album was the milestone of Jackson's transformation from a young child with an angelic voice to a young man struggling through puberty.

Some famous tracks like "Up Again" and "Happy" depicts Jackson as a young artist who was going through the process of transforming from a young child to a teen. The melody was sweet, slow combing with Michael's vocals, making it entertaining and enjoyable.

The main theme of the record was "difficulty of the youth", and the two songs that reflected that vibe most were "Euphoria" and "Too young". While "Euphoria" was quite neutral and plain, the "Too Young" offered a schmaltzy emotion.


Michael Jackson Dangerous Vinyl

Dangerous is another famous Michael Jackson's album on the list. Released in 1991, "Dangerous" is the first album that states the separation of the renowned duo Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.

The major theme of "Dangerous" was urban rock, topped with Teddy Riley's beat-driven music style. Most of the album's famous songs like "Black Or White', 'In the Closet', 'Remember the Time', and 'Who Is It' are developed in such style.

The first song - "Jam" - is definitely a song for dancing and clubbing. The fast beat, combined with Jackson's vocals and rap by Heavy D created the suitable piece to start a club night. Besides, the "Why You Wanna Trip On Me" made use of guitar sounds and "hip hop" beat to emphasize the impressive dance move of Michael Jackson on the beat.

Another best-of-all-time song from "Dangerous" is "Heal The World". It is considered as the international anthem for any environment lovers worldwide because of its meaningful story. Through the record, Michael expressed his sorrow seeing the Earth being spoiled every day under human influence.


Michael Jackson Thriller Vinyl

"Save the best for last", let us guide you to the best selling album of all time from the king of pop - Michael Jackson. This record was called "an album born of outsized ambitions". Released right after the multi-platinum-selling album "Off The Wall", Jackson wanted "thriller" to be a step to the worldwide stardom spectrum for him. And it really did.

"Thriller" was officially sold on November 30, 1982 - 30 years ago - but it is still recognized as the best selling album of all time. Produced by the reputable Quincy Jones, the record was expected to blow up the market with top-notch music. With the huge desire for this comeback, Jackson and Jones chose songs from a variety of styles - from pop, R&B, contemporary, and rock.

Following the series of style in music, they also produced breaking-edge videos as "Billie Jean", "Beat It" and "Thriller", making this album Jackson's legendary comeback. Given that fact, "Thriller" won eight awards at Grammys 1984 for Jones and Jackson.

Wrapping It Up

We have gone through an in-depth review of the top 10 Michael Jackson Vinyl albums. Most of them were produced a long time ago, making it quite hard to find the original version nowadays. Still, we believe that right after receiving the album and enjoying beautiful music from Michael Jackson, it's worth paying!

Wish this article helps provide you with critical information on shopping for Michael Jackson vinyl records. Thank you for reading!