How To Fix A Skipping Record - These 3 Tips Will Surprise You

If skipped recording makes your listening experience bad, then our article - how to fix skipped recording is what you need.
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 8, 2020

People nowadays have changed their ways of listening to music as they didn’t play albums anymore. Instead, they put on a list of mixed songs on their mobile devices and play them through headphones.

Owning a vinyl record is a great thing since you can play and enjoy music in an old-fashioned way. But if your record is skipping, it won’t be a pleasant experience. And we might have the answer to how to fix a skipping record!

Why Your Record Player Is Skipped

It’s An Old Record

You’ve had this record player for a while and it doesn’t give you the smooth sound quality like when you first got it. Storing your record properly is very important to prevent it from getting dusty and rusty.

Another factor that may affect your record’s ability to run smoothly is its external contamination. This includes the dust, dirt, and oils from things that are in contact with the record player, including your hands.

As these external factors easily collect dust and eventually gums up the grooves, resulting in the annoying noises during playback and music skipping.

Problem With The Tonearm

If your record player has no problems with dust or oil, there’s a high chance that the tonearm isn’t balanced or set up properly. If the weight is set too low, the needles might skip across the grooves in your record, which causes music jumping.

It’s also crucial that you read the setup instructions carefully beforehand. Some of the record players require the tonearm installed directly onto the turntable, others require a cartridge attached to the arm.

There more in this article of tonearm problem.

It’s Damaged

Back to the matter of storing records, this is a common problem with vinyl.

Maybe you haven’t been careful while handling your records, or you might have gotten your records at a very low price or bought them second-handed. This cannot assure you of the quality of the records since they can get scratched or damaged and you will not be able to fix it.

The Vibration

The vibration from the speaker or your footsteps could make the turntable needle jumping cause the record skipping. The vibration can be done easily by using a turntable vibration isolation platform.

How To Fix A Skipping Record 

Below are some tips and recommendations that we think can help you solve your record skipping issues.


As a general rule, it’s always a good idea to clean your records with a ultrasonic cleaner or manual before playing them, as well as your hands. Here are some useful ways to clean a record

Use a cleaning solution

Use a dry carbon fiber brush to sweep softly the playable surface. Then use a bottle of cleaning solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth for deep purification.

Spray your cleaning solution onto the cloth and the record, then wipe your record in circular motion softly, and don’t press too hard. After that, give the needle a quick clean with a soft tip brush because it often accumulates dust and oils as well.

Vinyl Spray cleaning solution

Use wood glue

Leave your record spinning on the turntable, then spray wood glue all over the entire record. You may use a card to spread it out, like in this picture below.

Let it sit for about 8-9 hours or even longer for better adhesion. After the glue is completely dry, peel it off. The glue should take away the majority of the dust and dirt on the record and give it a smooth surface as well as sound.

Clean record with wood glue

Balance The Tonearm

Step 1: Locate the anti-skating and set it to “0”

This will ensure that the tonearm won’t move outwards while you find the balance point of your actual tonearm.

Step 2: Remove the stylus cover and unclip the tonearm

If you have the clip, hold it from the armrest and leave the queue lever down. Hold the headshell and place the tonearm like you are about to play a record. While you’re holding it, turn the back of the counterweight and turn it clockwise until the tonearm is completely balanced.

Manual Mending

This method only requires a stick as small as a wooden toothpick. You need to locate where the skip is on your record (this might be a little tricky to do) and use a magnifying glass. Next, gently press on that area where the scratch is, and go through the groove lightly. Do not go too hard and try not to slip out of the groove.

Here the guide video we've found:

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Are the tips and tricks on how to fix a skipping record that we mentioned above useful to you? Skipping records should be easily fixed in most cases.

We hope this helped, and if you made it here and are still experiencing skipping, maybe it’s not your lucky day after all. That’s why you should collect and preserve your records properly because they’re irreplaceable.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned to my next posts!