Fluance RT80 Review – Is It the Best Model for Beginners?

The Fluance RT80 review shows an excellent hi-fi turntable that any beginner will be pleased with its high-quality sound as well as an affordable price tag.
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 8, 2020

Glad to see you again, my friends!

Today I introduce you to a new post of Fluance RT80 review (check its price here) – another affordable turntable record player for beginners.

And as compared to the Sony PSLX300USB (I reviewed it a few days ago), this one is better, in my opinion.

So, what makes this turntable worth considering?

Down here and find the answer now!

What do you know about Fluance?

The name “Fluance” is a combination of both Latin words including “Flu” (means “wave” or “flowing) and “ance” (means a state of being).

For some, Fluance is an unknown name in the digitized world.

But it is contrary to your thought.

This is a Canadian audio brand company that is popular for producing music systems, home audio, and high-fidelity turntables like the Fluance RT80 being reviewed here.

Moreover, these products are famous for using the high-performing drive units as well as advanced enclosure technologies in order to deliver the best sound.

So, what is the story behind?

Deepak Jain, a founder of the Fluance, is known for his passion for music when he was a child.

From a young age, he often joined local concerts and had a desire to recreate the concert experience to a different level.

For this reason, he decided to focus on producing speakers in former days of establishing the company. After that, he started branching out, penetrating into the manufacturing of home audio products.

Going through over 20 years, the Fluance company has made excellent fame for itself. Ever so wonderfully, it has cemented its name by backing up its products with fantastic customer service and warranties.

Fluance RT80 Review – Not to Miss Top Reasons Before Making a Choice

A quick glance at this turntable record player helps you recognize that its quality materials and craftsmanship impress in your home with its style. Although it is classed as an entry-level device, it truly does more.

Good looks are simply a small part of this, so let’s dive deep and see what it offers.

Key features of Fluance RT80

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Key features

Fluance guarantees that every turntable is engineered with solid and high-quality components no matter what it is a low-budget or premium machine.

Of course, the RT80 is no exception.

It is a high-fidelity version which is designed to improve sound quality and character of the vinyl records. Also, it is a belt-driven turntable, which means it is capable of delivering a pure analog sound.

Instead of using non-removable cables, this device comes with RCA phono connectors. Relying on that, you easily switch it up to get your setup in an ideal position.

Equipped with an AT91 Audio Technica stylus, the sound will be richer. And that the factor that most audiophiles consider a necessity to enjoy LPs properly.

When it comes to reducing distortion and attaining a greater amount of clarity, this machine features a diamond-tipped stylus that is built in an S-type tonearm and the bearings. This makes it move fluidly within it.


Let’s remind you again!

Since the Fluance RT80 is a hi-fi turntable record player priced under $200, you are guaranteed to enjoy the good sound right out of the box. And if comparing its performance with the price, you are sure that you are investing your money properly.

Additionally, you can expect a comprehensive sound that uncovers a fair amount of detail and might even go beyond your hope. And if you listen hours and hours, you soon recognize the greater clarity and the openness of sound.

Fitting with a fiber-board cabinet, isolation feet, a die-cast aluminum platter, and a felt mat, all help to lessen distortions and vibrations. And this permits you to enjoy a smooth, rich and crisp sound from your vinyl records.

Upgrade of Fluance RT80


In my opinion, it is unnecessary to update this device. Since it is paired with a preamp built, everything seems better enough, especially for beginners with a low budget.

But I found some ideas of improving and customizing the sound to a further level by selecting a different cartridge.

Or the simplest way is to look for another better-quality and higher end turntable.

Setting up

The good news is that setting up the Fluance RT80 is quite simple.

However, if this is your first turntable, you might not know some terms used. Don’t worry too much as Fluance had some video guides of how to set up so that you can look at them as a reference.

Additionally, you should pay attention to some points including:

This version comes with an easy-to-use control dial so that you can choose the play speed for 33 1/3 or 45 rpm records.

There is a plastic spindle adapter that permits 45 seconds to be played on your 33 1/3 spindle.

Equipped with an auto-stop setting, this device automatically stops the platter after the last song is played.

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What I Like and Dislike?


First off, let’s talk about the design of the Fluance RT80!

When opened the box, it cannot be said enough how stunning it looked. Moreover, its stylish construction seemed to fit quite nicely any room I decided to put it in. (I believe that you will have the same idea right after seeing it).

Aside from aesthetics, this device truly provides its performance above its price tag. As compared to the others at least twice its cost, it is comparable and better for sound quality for sure.

Actually, the tones come out perfectly regardless of the age of the album played. What’s more, the LPs that tend to stake or skip on other machines won’t appear when played on this one.

As mentioned above, the RT80 can automatically stop at the end of the record. So, this is a convenient feature to prevent the needless wear of the stylus that you cannot find in any turntables.

And if you want to upgrade it after a time, all you just do is to replace the cartridge to improve the sound better.

Last but not least, you get excellent support for any Fluance product in general and the Fluance RT80 turntable record player in particular.

Fluance RT80 Pros n Cons


Good points aside, I also mention drawbacks in my Fluance RT80 review so that you have a comprehensive look at this device.

Although its overall construction pleased me a lot, the included felt map might appear sticky in contrast. It is not a big issue since you can replace it with a rubber mat.

Remember that when setting up, make sure not to place this turntable near any electronic appliances. As a sensitive piece of equipment, it might pick up interference and produce vibrating noises.

Additionally, you should consider some factors to attain excellent sound quality as you wish.

For instance, the album quality, the wear and tear of the record or the proper installation, all might contribute to a worse or better experience. So, be patient to check, okay?

Another problem that I found when using this device is that it sometimes produced a loud electrical pop. However, you can easily solve it by making sure that you turn on the preamp before the turntable is.

Generally speaking, it’s not likely that you will meet all these issues when using the RT80. The best advice is to let your records settle and play for a period of time to assess.

No one knows you won’t meet any matter and get a terrific listening experience.

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1 – Does the RT80 come with a cueing lever?

Yes, it does.

The cueing lever is helpful to lower the tonearm and stylus to your records accurately and safely.

2 – Can I use the acrylic platter on this device?

It is a nice addition to lessen vibration, resonance as well as speed variations because of its density and weight.

However, this version is not compatible with the acrylic platter due to the position of the motor.

3 – Can I close the lid while playing LPs?

Of course, YES.

4 – Is it fully manual or automatic?

Manual. However, it features an auto-shutoff at the end of record after about 30 seconds.

Finally, Is the Fluance RT80 a Good Choice for Beginners?

If you are still here, I believe you know the answer for sure.
It is definitely YES, especially for newbies wanting to get their first turntable record player.

This device truly blows other models in the same price tag and even competes with some expensive counterparts.

While its style harmonizes with any room in your house, setting up is a piece of cake. And when it comes to the sound, you are guaranteed to enjoy the excellent quality.

Although there are some problems in this Fluance RT80 review such as vibrating noises or unpleasant sounds sometimes, all can be solved thanks to its helpful customer support (make sure you contact them if having any issue).

In sum, this machine is well worth your investment and will make you bring out your LPs and enjoy them from first to last.