Finding the Best Outer Sleeves For Vinyl

by Helen Appling | Updated: September 6, 2022

Finding the Best Outer Sleeves For Vinyl

best outer sleeves for vinyl

If you want to protect your records and listen to them on vinyl, then it is necessary to find the right outer sleeves. There are several options available for you to choose from. These record sleeves are made of acid-free paper and designed for 12-inch LP albums. They are also sturdy and have rounded corners. They have a 4.8-star rating based on 300 customer reviews.

Square Deal Recordings & Supplies

If you are in need of vinyl outer sleeves, you have come to the right place. Ubuy is a global marketplace that carries a wide range of Square Deal Recordings & Supplies products. You can find a huge selection at low prices, and they ship to Antigua and Barbuda. They also ship to more than 180 other countries.

The company's outer sleeves for vinyl come in a variety of different colors, styles, and materials. Some are made from plastic while others are made from archival rice paper. The material used for these sleeves is smooth and fits tightly into the outer jacket. They don't slide around in the record case, and they won't rip your record when you insert it.

Square Deal Recordings & Supplies outer record sleeves are a great way to protect your vinyl albums. The sleeves aren't quite as thick as our top pick, but they're still significantly less expensive than the competition. The company also claims to have received more than 400 five-star reviews, which is a good sign.

Whether you're preparing to release a new album, or you're looking for outer sleeves for your latest vinyl records, these record sleeves can help you maintain your new investment. Made from archival-quality cardstock, these record sleeves are designed to protect your record's artwork. And they are compatible with proprietary cleaning and repair solutions. They're flush cut and 1.25" thick, and they're acid and alkaline-free, so your vinyl records won't suffer any damage.

Invest In Vinyl

Investing in vinyl outer sleeves is a great way to protect your records. They can be found for around $20 for a pack of 50. These sleeves are made of durable, acid-free, static-resistant, and clear polypropylene. These sleeves are also great for storing collectibles.

Vinyl outer sleeves are not only inexpensive, they are also very high quality. These sleeves are made from 76 micron, solid 3-mil polyethylene and will protect your single LP, gatefold vinyl jackets, and double LPs. These sleeves fit snugly around the vinyl record and will not scratch or damage the record. These sleeves will last for years and will protect your vintage albums.

You can also invest in higher quality sleeves to protect your LPs. You can purchase 4-mil sleeves for archival safekeeping. These sleeves will prevent scuffs, dirt, and moisture, while giving you easy access to your LPs. These sleeves are sized for close-fitting gatefold jackets, and you'll be able to store a large number of records in them.


Record Outer Sleeves provide protection for the cover of your vinyl records, while still allowing you to easily access them on the shelf. The four-mil-thick material is resistant to scuffs, denting, and dirt. It also helps to preserve the artwork and graphics of your vinyl records.

Mobile Fidelity offers archival-grade poly outer sleeves for vinyl records. They provide the ultimate in protection and are designed to fit over 12"s, LPs, and gatefold jackets. Each pack contains 50 sleeves. Their four-mil material provides maximum protection against scuffs, denting, dirt, and moisture. This archival-grade poly sleeve is also convenient for storage, as they are designed to fit tightly over gatefold jackets.

MoFi outer sleeves are an essential part of any record collection. They protect the jacket of your vinyl record and prevent deterioration in quality and prevent disasters. They can even be used for LP boxes. Regardless of your preference, MoFi outer sleeves will ensure that your LPs stay protected from dust, dirt, and other hazards.

Standard paper sleeves are often not enough for protecting your records. Standard paper sleeves are prone to damaging your record jacket. Fortunately, MoFi has made 4-mil sleeves to solve this problem. They are made of extra thick polypropylene and polyethylene. They are available in orange packaging. However, you should consider the durability of your records before purchasing one of these MoFi outer sleeves for vinyl.

Hudson Hi-Fi

Hudson Hi-Fi outer sleeves for vinyl records are acid-free, so your records won't scratch. They also protect your records from dust and debris. The sleeves are made from acid-free rice paper, so they won't damage your records in any way. And, of course, these sleeves come with a lifetime warranty.

Hudson Hi-Fi vinyl record outer sleeves are available in 100-packs or multi-packs for a great value. These record protectors make the perfect gift for any vinyl album lover. These record sleeves are also 100% legitimate. They can be purchased from desertcart, a trusted website that has been in business for years. Their website is encrypted using HTTPS, so your purchases are safe. They also utilize the latest software systems and upgraded technologies to ensure a safe shopping experience.

Another great product from Hudson Hi-Fi is their vinyl record inner sleeves. These sleeves protect your vinyl records and prevent them from scuffing, tearing, or warping. They are an absolute necessity for any serious LP collector. They are made of anti-static rice paper and are the perfect way to protect your records.

If you're a music or art lover, or simply have a great appreciation for interior design, the Hudson Hi-Fi outer sleeves for vinyl records are an excellent choice. They're solidly constructed and finished in durable black satin, making them an excellent choice for a living room.

Hudson Hi-Fi outer sleeves for vinyl records are made of acid-free rice paper, so your records won't be scratched. Additionally, they protect your records from dust and dirt.

Sleevie Wonder

A Sleevie Wonder outer sleeve is a great way to protect a vinyl record album. These sleeves are available in different sizes and can fit most box sets that contain 4-5 vinyl records. The sleeves are made from polypropylene and HDPP, which means they are durable and anti-static. They are also easy to slide over a vinyl record, making them a great option for protection.

Some people prefer to buy vinyl record sleeves in bulk. However, vinyl record sleeves have a tendency to tear and turn yellow over time. Some record sleeves also scratch when inserted, causing paper dust and static. Polypropylene inner sleeves are a good choice because they are thicker and do not cause paper dust. However, they are also more expensive than the other two types.

In addition, these sleeves will prevent ring wear to vinyl records. These sleeves will protect your records from dust and moisture, while allowing you to see album covers and artwork. They are also ideal for moving. In addition, if you don't like the feel of vinyl records, a Sleevie Wonder outer sleeve can be a great way to store your vinyl.