Top 10 Classical Music Vinyl Records Value Over $3000

Classical music vinyl records value is always a concern of music lovers. Wanna find the most valuable records of all time? Check this article now.
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 8, 2020

Among the many kinds of music, classical music is still the top choice of many people.

Gentle classical songs will help balance your emotions and dispel all the ups and downs in a busy life. More importantly, it would be great to be played from vinyl records.

If you are an intimate fan of Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or Beethoven, you might know all of their classical vinyl records ever.

However, you may be taken aback to know that their classical music vinyl records value used to hit $10.000. Let’s check out!

Top 10 best classical music vinyl records value over $3000 of all time

1. Beethoven Violin Concerto In D Major (SAX 2386): $ 9.464,51

Beethoven Violin Concerto In D Major (SAX 2386)

The chart-topping vinyl record is Beethoven Violin Concerto (SAX 2386). This is the first edition that is originally released in 1959 (an extremely rare UK Columbia record). The music is composed by Ludwig Van Beethoven and played by Leonid Cogan with the Paris Conservatoire Orchestre. The vinyl record is sold for $ 9.464,51 on May 01, 2016, which is recorded as the highest price ever.

2. Sonatas for Two Violins (SAX 2531): $ 6.989,29

The classical vinyl record Sonatas for Two Violins (Sax 2531) is released in 1964. It is performed by Leonid Kogan and his wife, Elizabeth Gilels.

The record tracklist includes  Sonata No.3 In C Major by Leclair, Sonata No.1 In G Major by Leclair, Canonic Sonata No.1 In G Major by Telemann and Sonata No.1 In C Major by Ysaye.

This vinyl record is used to be sold for $ 6.989,29 on Jan 06, 2016. And today, it is still one of the most sought-after records ever.

3. The Rolling Stones - 1st Press/ 1A Matrixes: $6658.50

The Rolling Stones - 1st Press/ 1A Matrixes
The Rolling Stones record is the 1st UK edition, originally released by Decca Records in 1964. This album is performed by the Rolling Stones band.
It is one of the rarest records you have ever known. What makes this record unique is that it plays a 2.25 mono version of “Tell Me” (You're Coming Back).
Because this is the 1st version 1A matrixes, it was sold up to $6658.50 in an auction sale on 09 Oct 2017.

4. Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom: $ 5.370,92

Growers of Mushroom is the first album of the Leaf Hound band. It is originally pressed in 1971 by Decca Records. The first press with P-1D Matrix makes this record become the collectors’ item of the year in 2017. That can be the reason why this vinyl record was sold for $ 5.370,92 on Jan 31, 2017. The tracklist with 9 ear-catching songs makes this record popular until now.

5. Decca SXL2000 Symphony No.35 - Mozart: $5,000.00

Symphony No. 35 was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Vienna in 1782. And Haffner Symphony is another name of this record when it was commissioned for the occasion of the ennoblement of the Haffner’s.

This is a very early pressing with Decca SXL2000 Series and ZAL 3233-1S Matrixes. The vinyl record was sold for $5,000.00 on March 26, 2020.

6. Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (SAX 2323): $ 4.636,78

Violin Concerto (SAX 2323) is composed by Tchaikovsky in Vienna in 1878. This is the only record composed by Tchaikovsky and also one of the most popular violin concerto ever.

Violin Concerto (SAX 2323) vinyl record is the first edition released with a pale blue label in 1960. It has 3 songs in the tracklist including Concerto in D Major - Op.35, Concerto In D Major - Op.35 and Meditation In D Minor - Op.42.

This record is a quite rare 1st edition sold for  $ 4.636,78 on Feb 07, 2016.

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (SAX 2323)

7. Rolling Stones Rare Decca Promotional Album - UK Version: $ 4.600,00

The Uk version of Rolling Stones Promotional Album is much rarer than the USA version.

The vinyl record is issued in 1969 and  Compiled by London Records to help advertise Rolling Stones' latest LP and tour.

The album includes the old songs and a new unreleased song, Love in Van of the band. The record is sold for $4.600,00 on Mar 05, 2016, with only 200 copies produced.

8. Ducretet Thomson Test Pressing - Devy Erlih Violin: $ 4.280,10

Ducretet Thomson Test Pressing is firstly issued in 1956 in England. It is an extremely rare record and known to be the only one copy existing. The album is played by Devy Erlih (violin) and Maurice Bureau (piano).

The record with 6 songs (Sonata For Violin And Piano, "Pugnani", Tzigane, Piece En Forme De Habanera, Tango In D Major-Op. 165-No. 2, "La Vida Breve" - Danza No. 1) was sold for $ 4.280,10 on Nov 29, 2015.

Ducretet Thomson Test Pressing - Devy Erlih Violin

9. JS Bach sonatas & partitas for violin solo: $3950.00

JS Bach sonatas & partitas for violin is released in Paris in 1969. It has Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3 played by Devy Erlih (violin solo).

This is an original French stereo record with 3LPs set and was sold for $3950.00 on Mar 09, 2016. If you are a fan of violinist - Devy Erlih, you shouldn’t miss this record.

10. Original Bach Violin Sonatas Philips: $3306.33

Violin Sonatas Philips record is composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. This is the original UK pressing with Plum Silver Labels and sold with the full set of 5 records for $3306.33 on 17 Jul 2016.

This is considered as a legendary violin record of all time. In addition, Violin Sonatas Philips is also one of the best classical albums in  Bach’s career.

Bottom Line

Well, do the quick review of classical music vinyl records value make you surprised?

It is incredibly lucky if you have one of these top 10 most valuable classical music vinyl records in your collection at a much lower price than the one listed above.

Anyway, keep your classical vinyl records collection carefully. If you don't know how to clean it properly, maybe using the best record cleaning machine will help.

You know, it is truly a treasure! However, don’t be sad if you can’t afford to own one for yourself because you can search for an audio version on the internet.

The most important thing is that you can make your life become more peaceful with melodious classical music every day!