Mirrors, Electric Eels, The Styrenes: Those Were Different Times

Those Were Different Times: Cleveland 1972-1976 CD

scat 45

track listing:


How Could I
You Me Love
Living Without You
Beaver Girls
Hands in my Pockets
Sweet Refrain
I’m Going to Wyoming
We’ll See (download)

Jaime Klimek’s notes

Safety Week
Wreck u0026amp; Roll
Splitterty Splat
Circus Highlights
You Crummy Fags
Mustard (live)
The Big "O" (live)
No Nonsense (live)
Spinach Blasters (live) (download)
Flapping Jets

Draw the Curtain
Mr. Crab (download)
You’re Trash
Grey Haired Rats
Nineteen Sixtyseven

Paul Marotta’s notes

Here is an overview of one side of what was happening in fertile dungheap of 1970s Cleveland, Ohio. The three groups are related, often sharing members as well as songs. All of these recordings are exclusive to this collection and cannot be found anywhere else. Includes tons of photos and notes, discography, and a bound-by-bolts package (to be replaced by a ‘standard’ package when our current supply runs out).

"Our personalities, musical and otherwise, forced us to work in a vacuum. There were no record labels who would pay for recordings, no “producers” to help us get a sound, no engineers to teach us about recording. Low-cost home recording equipment wasn’t invented yet. None of the three bands even had a guy hanging around to do sound for us at our gigs. Consequently, the master tapes I used were either live cassettes (the mid-70s was still relatively early in the development of cassette recording technology), basement tapes, and some studio recordings; all of widely varying quality. We just made the music we wanted to make, put it on tape whenever we could, and sometimes it came out sounding OK."
-Paul Marotta

This release is currently out of print, a new pressing is planned for 2009.

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