5 Best Turntable Mat for Better Sound Performance

Are you an audiophile seeking for the best turntable mat that can help you to create a home record player setup? Scroll down and get one!
by Helen Appling | Updated: November 8, 2020

When it comes to the best turntable mat that made your turntable perform better, we suppose that is the one bring a satisfying experience and great sound performance.

These products will be one of the most critical equipments that your vinyl player needs. Unless you have one, there is a high possibility that your player records suffer from damage and performs in a wholly different function.

Why Should You Own The Best Turntable Mat?

Even if you are an experienced vinyl user, investing in some upgrades to improve the overall setup is necessary.

These thin discs can surprise you with the sound and your ways of listening to music. So, there is no reason not to figure out why you need this product.

On the one hand, it's better to protect your player and records from blemish.

On the other hand, it will give you a blast listening to music because nothing is more important than having a perfect experience while listening to your record and enjoying music.

There are various turntable mats on the market which applies different technology to create astounding sound qualities. Whatever the choice is, they bear in themselves particular pros and cons.

However, in the end, it is your personal taste that matters. Below are the best turntable mats that we highlighted both its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which one is the best match. And now, let dive into it!

5 Best Turntable Mat For Every Turntable

CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Mat - Best Overall

A composite cork granule along with a rubber mix empowers this product’s durability, bringing up one level compared to regular cork mats. If you want to replace a felt mat and do not know which one you should go for, this can be a good option.

Because of the soft surface, this product will keep your vinyl records safe and sound during their time together. So, if you have this at home, no longer will the fear of your beloved record coming in flawless and coming out full of scratch (which does happen if you get a hard-surfaced mat) have the chance to terrorize you!

But if its body is so soft and tender, will it be able to grip your record as well as you expect? Worry not! Its grip is excellent, firm, yet not so tight, truly something to marvel at. Therefore, it will give you better dynamic range, tight bass, as well as a cleaner background.

Although it's size falls in the humble range, even smaller than that of a normal LP (11.175 inches), this mat still stands out among its counterparts and thereby deserving a spot in your shopping cart.

CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Platter Mat


  • Reductive mechanical noise
  • Secured the label records
  • Reasonable price


  • A little bit of tiny cork on the records.


If you are heading for a reasonable price turntable mat with good quality, CoRkErY Recessed Turntable Platter Mat can be a considerable option for you.

Acrylic Turntable Mat - Best Design

An original design with a sleek orange disc of the Acrylic Mat will surely lighten the whole room with a distinctive style. There is also a protected removable film that goes with the mat which secures your records comprehensively.

This turntable mat offers the customers continuous speed and does an excellent job reducing vibrations, providing lighter sound due to its dense structure. Moreover, it alleviates unwanted noises such as mechanical sounds to provide tighter bass. It doesn't attract dust as it has low Matic.

The 3-mm thick mat is another noticeable feature that is worth considering. Moreover, the 5mm label will make sure your LPs stay flat on the mat. It's also a long-life quality product and is suitable for different uses.

Acrylic Turntable Mat


  • Fit with 12-inch turntable models.
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound experience


  • Expensive


With an unusual design, this Acrylic Turntable Mat – OrangeLit can be one of the best choices for people who want to light up their room with a special spot.

Hudson Turntable Platter Mat - Best Protection

Thanks to the material (silicone rubber), the Hudson Hi-Fi turntable mat doesn't have static and does not attract dust. Therefore, you will see the sound reproduction is much better.

The soft and sleek of this mat can help you to protect the record because it eliminates the possibility of any mechanical damages that might happen. Therefore it will prolong the durability of the record player. The sound quality of a record is also improved considerably as it reduces vibrations.

When it comes to versatility, it can be the best turntable mat that you should go for: it can be used for all standard turntables with 12 in platter size. All in all, this product is a good choice for most turntables.

Hudson Hi-Fi Turntable Platter Mat


  • Reduce mechanical noise
  • Protects the record from the slip
  • Keep the label secured


  • Unpleasant smell


This Hudson Turntable Platter MatIf will definitely score those who are seeking for a turntable mat to reduce the noise from mechanical and protect the record excellently

Facmogu Turntable Wool Mat - Best sound quality 

The Facmogu Turntable Wool Mat could be a good option to replace the old machine rubber mats and add these accessories for new "phonographs." This product is suitable for Turntable Vinyl Disc Record Players to keep it clean.

This Facmogu turntable mat can help you improve audio quality and neutralize movement whose function is to eliminate static. The wool makes it able to create warmer sounds, enhance mid range, and creates wider soundstage. As a result, the music experience is enhanced considerably.

This mat is also a great option for you if you are looking for a turntable mat, which greatly reduces static and vibration. This buddy will lead to the increased adhesion of records and reduce record bumps.

However, the Facmogu is dust-attracted, so consider it before making the purchase.

Facmogu Turntable Slipmat Anti-Static Wool Mat


  • Anti-static function
  • Smith and soft touching
  • Reasonable price


  • Attract dust if leaving it outside


In case you want to have something new and interesting to replace your old mat, this Facmogu Turntable Slipmat Anti-Static Wool Mat is a perfect match for your needs.

Turntable Slip Mat Rubber - Best material 

Turntable Slip Mat Rubber Cork is also another recommendation for the top 5, combined from two materials with those best characteristics - Cork and Rubber. This means that you can enjoy the record with more definition in the mid and lower frequencies and minimal static issues.

The classed light-weight feature from the rubber mat gives extra grip which keeps the records safe from any vibrations by making sure they stay flat against its surface. While the features that come from cork mats make it extremely easy to separate the record after use. In a nutshell, this mat is a combination of the two best materials that any turntable mat needs.

However, the static control is not quite satisfying, which, to some extent, can affect your music as well as your relaxing hours.

Turntable Slip Mat Rubber Cork


  • Boosted sound quality
  • Competitive price
  • Perfect combination of two materials - Cork and Rubber


  • Unstable static control


Don't know what kind of materials you should choose, Cork or Rubber? This product would be the best answer for you when it gathers all the best features of both types of materials and at a bargain price.

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Do Turntable Mats Make A Difference?

Turntable mats will certainly make your home sound system more appealing. Although colors and mats can personalize an audio setup, audiophiles might like these accessories for other reasons. Each kind of turntable mat has its function to improve the sound quality and protect the records.

What Is The Purpose Of A Turntable Mat?

Turntable mats have multiple functions such as record protection, sound improvement, and friction reduction for DJing. Therefore, improve the quality of the records and listeners' experiences.

Should I Use A Turntable Mat?

The turntable mats protect the record's surface and can avoid any unwanted damage. So, if you are an audiophile, you should consider having at least one.

What Is The Best Material For A Turntable Mat?

Acrylic is regarded by many as one of the best options for turntable platters as the material is virtually the same as a vinyl record. Even when you toss the slip mat away and just slide the record directly on to that surface, they will fit each other without you making an effort.

Tips: If you experience turntable needle jumping, try an isolation platform to stabilize the turntable.

In Conclusion 

Owning a record player is one of the most interesting and fulfilling activities with an audiophile. However, finding turntable mats that suit you personally is the real challenge.

You can get advice from other experienced audiophiles or your friends who share the same hobby.

With several suggestions, this article could give you a great look before deciding to own a turntable mat.

After reading this, we hope you can have in your mind what kind of turntable mat you are looking for. Your taste might be a big factor that helps you to find the best one.