Best Turntable Isolation Platform (That Can Maximize Your Audio Performance)

You won't have to worry about unwanted vibration affect your turntable with these isolation platforms. Check our editor's pick.
by Helen Appling | Updated: May 25, 2021

If you own a turntable, you know exactly how annoying when turntable needle jumping make the record skip. And as an audiophile, you may know the vibration cause that issue, and you need a special accessory to optimize the performance.

Eliminating vibration is an important part of improving turntable sound quality and keep your turntable needle from jumping. It only can be done with an isolation platform. So, why don’t you pick a turntable isolation platform to enjoy high-quality audio performance?

Too Long; Didn't Read: Our choices for the best turntable isolation platform are:

Our Top Pick
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Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2 Isolation Platform for Amplifiers, 7/4" x 15” x 23”
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78 Reviews
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IsoAcoustics Delos Turntable Isolation Butcher Block Series: 1815M1 (18" W x 15" D x 1.75" H) Maple
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4 Reviews
Editor's Choice
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Sound Dampening Speaker Riser Foam - Audio Acoustic Noise Isolation Platform Pads Recoil Stabilizer w/ Rubber Base Pad For Studio Monitor, Subwoofer, Loud Speakers - Pyle PSI15 (15 x 15 x 1.8 Inch)
Our Rating
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641 Reviews
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RightChoice XL-Pro Subwoofer Acoustic Sound Isolation Platform (for most Subwoofers) 13.75" x 15" Inch | High Density Foam Stand for Significant Sound Improvement and Vibration Control
Our Rating
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108 Reviews

Don't hesitate to read our reviews and check the rest of the top 10 products. There are a lot of cool isolation platforms and you may find what fits your need the most down there.

Best Turntable Isolation Platform (Top 10 Picks)

Without further ado, here is my recommendation for the best isolation platform. I will go into detailed features, pros, and cons of each product to give you an objective view of it.

Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2

2. Auralex Acoustics GRAMMA v2​

Next on my list is the Auralex Acoustics Gramma v2 with two options of different sizes that can accommodate all sizes of turntables.

It comes with three variations of 1.75 x 15 x 15 inches as the Baby Gramma and 1.75" x 15” x 23” for the Gramma. That’s why the Auralex Acoustic platform is a budget-friendly but high-quality choice for any sized turntables.

The most shining feature of this platform is the medium density fiberboard (MDF) platform with great acoustic ability. Moreover, the Auralex platform is covered with Ozite, the material that is used in isolation flooring products.

With the design of two isolation layers, this platform works efficiently to separate your turntable from the turntable stand.

Thus, it will negate resonance artifacts and reduce external vibration. As a result, you will experience high-quality and lively performances with your turntable.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Non-slip surface
  • Two options with different sizes


  • Less attractive design

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Pyle Sound Dampening PSI15 Platform

5. Pyle Sound Dampening PSI15 Platform​

If you are looking for a cheap but efficient isolation platform, the Pyle PSI15 platform is an excellent candidate. It has three different sizes of 15” x 15”, 22.3” x 15”, and 22.5” x 17.8” for suitable turntable fits.

With the Pyle Speaker Risers, this platform offers you optimal audio performance. It significantly diminishes vibration and unwanted levels of audio resonances. And it will result in a clean and detailed output.

The Pyle platform is constructed of high-density foam that is experimented to promote efficient stabilization, noise isolation as well as sound absorption. Besides, it works excellently to produce a free flow of audio output at high clarity.

Moreover, it features an anti-slip base pad and a sturdy top plate that will keep your turntable secured and stable.


  • Anti-slip base pad
  • Thick, durable high-density foam
  • Three options of sizes


  • Less attractive design

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RightChoice XL-Pro Isolation Platform

4. RightChoice XL-Pro Isolation Platform​

The RightChoice XL-Pro isolation platform is a budget-friendly option that offers you a great value. If you are looking for an efficient vibration eliminator, this platform is a worth-considering product.

In terms of dimension, this platform measures 13.75” x 15” x 1.5” that can hold any sized turntable. Moreover, the soft foam does not scratch the turntable surface but works great in reducing vibration.

At its bottom-rock price range, it is hard to find a platform with similar quality.  With high-quality, dense acoustic foam, the RightChoice platform can remove any external vibrations and absorb internal vibration from a turntable itself.  As a result, it will increase tonal quality and clarity for excellent audio performances.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Soft, dense acoustic foam
  • Great sound improvement


  • Simple black design
  • A little bit thin

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Isoacoustics Delos 1815M1 Turntable Platform

1. Isoacoustics Delos 1815M1 Turntable Platform​

Top of my list today is the IsoAcoustics Delos 1815M1 with its aesthetic design that meets everyone’s eyes.

This base weighs 15.1 pounds, which is not really heavy to transport around but enough for isolation. It measures 455 x 380mm with a thickness of 45mm.

The combination of maple wood and built-in IsoAcoustics isolators ranks this platform as one of the best bases in eliminating influences from both external and structural vibrations.

Named after the Delos floating island, this platform is a stable base with a low noise floor. Thus, it will provide you with a clearer and more detailed audio performance that you will hardly see with other isolation platforms.

With a great mass of a thick butcher block, this IsoAcoustics isolation platform is an excellent choice for external-motor turntables to diminish vibrations and resonances.


  • Exclusive IsoAcoustics isolators
  • Butcher block design
  • Simple but stylish look


  • Only for small turntables of 18”
  • A little pricey

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Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform

3. Butcher Block Acoustics Audio Isolation Platform​
Made from resilient hardwood, the Butcher Block Acoustics isolation platform is a natural solution for absorbing vibration. It has several variations of size that you can choose, ranging from 17” x 14” x 3” to 24” x 18” x 3”. Besides, you can also pick a maple or walnut version with two contrasting colors that fit your turntable. Produced in the USA by the Wood Welded Companies, a long-standing company in wood productions, it is coated with a standard Durakryl 102 finish, which is an exclusive feature of any products from this brand.

The finish not only gives the platform a shiny and smooth look but also protects natural wood from the damage of moisture. Besides, it allows you to clean the platform easily with warm soapy water.


  • Made from hardwood with two options: Maple and Walnut
  • Several sizes to choose
  • Easy maintenance


  • A kitchen-like design
  • Feet are not included

Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO Platform

6. Symposium Acoustics Segue ISO Platform​

If you want to level up your turntable audio experiences, the Symposium Segue ISO platform is a great assistant.

The Segue ISO is a superior combination of modern technologies to enhance the audio performance of any turntable.

It is equipped with the Symposium damped-layer technology to provide low frequencies isolation. Meanwhile, it offers you musical spectrum damping, which is not commonly found in low-price products.

The most noticeable feature in this platform is the innovative LDSS Foot Isolator. It uses a spring to eliminate low-frequency vertical waves without compromise sonics.

Additionally, the internal material removes resonances for more clarity and damping effects.

The Segue ISO platforms are available in two versions, LD (Light Duty) for turntables under 35 pounds, and MD (Medium Duty) for one under 75 pounds.


  • LDSS Foot Isolation system
  • Advanced isolation technologies
  • Reasonable price


  • Less attractive design
  • No option for variations

AVID Isolation Platform

7. AVID Isolation Platform​

AVID is a popular name in turntable production. However, the company also produces a small amount of accessories with high-end quality like the AVID Isolation Platform.

With a great understanding of turntables, AVID offers an exclusive isolation platform that will convert all the vibration to electrical signals and eliminate unwanted vibration.

This isolation base is a wooden shelf with four isolation feet that is available in a black or maple color. As the design looks quite simple and traditional, this platform is suitable for those who do not pay much attention to aesthetics.

To produce this isolation platform, Avid has collaborated with a local university and Sorbothane to invent a new variant compound with the maximum ability to isolate vibrations. This amazing collaboration gives the AVID isolation platform a great performance in absorbing vibration.


  • Great vibration isolation performance
  • Suitable for several sizes of turntables
  • Affordable price


  • Simple design

bFly Audio BaseOne PRO Platform

8. bFly Audio BaseOne PRO Platform​

bFly is a new name in audio accessories production. But it ranks itself as a potential brand with the bFly BaseOne Pro isolation platform.

The BaseOne PRO isolation platform has four sizes from S to XL with different measurements but the same thickness of 57 mm. This platform weighs from 1.8 kg to a maximum of 5.1 kg. It can withstand up to 70 kg depending on its size.

The BaseOne PRO features a top made from high-quality multiplex wood with a thickness of 30 mm. The top is finished with a shiny black coating that brings the platform a simple but eye-catching look.

This platform is equipped with MLA (multi-layer adjustment) feet with four layers of aluminum, Sorbothane, Kautschuk, and Kork-Kautschuk material. These absorber materials can filter and absorb vibrations of different frequency ranges for the optimal isolation effect.


  • Modern-technology feet with four isolation layers
  • Excellent absorption effect
  • Feet with non-slip pads


  • A little bit expensive

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HRS E1 Isolation Base Platform

9. HRS E1 Isolation Base Platform​

Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) is a popular audio accessories manufacturer with various series of isolation platforms. The HRS E1 Isolation Base is among the best sellers of this brand.

It is made from four different types of materials with the same isolation stage that is available in high-end platform models. It consists of two non-resonant resin composite plates with an innovative HRS damping system between them.

Moreover, the HRS E1 features six degrees of isolation stage to prevent vibration from transforming to the unit in any direction. Its innovative HRS design also allows you to customize the platform for optimal audio performance.

The HRS E1 is equipped with a single connection point that enables you to adjust, replace, or upgrade to any HRS footer. Thus, it will save you both time and money on replacement parts.


  • Constructed of high-quality material
  • Innovative HRS design
  • Elegant design


  • Available in only two sizes and two colors

Silent Running Audio VR-Series isoBASE Platform

10. Silent Running Audio VR-Series isoBASE Platform​

With its unique design and excellent quality in producing vibration and acoustical solutions, SRA is among the most reliable brands with audiophiles.

The VR-series is the latest product in the line of isoBASE platform with several improvements in performance. It has the Component Specific Design technology of SRA that optimally matched with turntables.

This platform features both Dynamic-ONE and Set-Static Isolation elements. It is able to modify the isolation potential within pre-set parameters. Thus, it will perform excellently in any surrounding environment and immune perfectly with the turntables.

Moreover, a special design of isolation feet offers a perfect balance for turntables to operate without the disturbing of external vibrations. The granite top also works as an absorber to eliminate internal vibrations during the performance.

The VR-Series only comes in one option for color. It has an attractive finish of natural marbleized gray and black flecks. However, the design is not suitable for traditional and vintage turntables but modern ones.


  • Elegant design
  • A Cost-effective isolation platform
  • Full lifetime warranty


  • Only one option of color

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Why you should have a turntable isolation platform?

When playing music, a turntable creates internal vibrations. Moreover, structural vibrations from the floor and air also affect the process. You might noticeably experience smeared, distorted, and low-quality sound due to vibrations.

An isolation platform is a solution for unwelcome external vibrations. And some high-end products can solve internal vibrations as well.

Although it might cost you a great investment, it will provide you with the audio experience that you deserve. I must say that an isolation platform is a must-have item if you own a turntable.

How does a turntable isolation platform work?

As its name suggests, a turntable isolation platform works to isolate the turntable and provide it with great balance.

With the special design, an isolation platform will control vibrations that will negatively affect the sound quality and the performance of the turntable system.

It will diminish the vibration from the floor and air. Some platforms also absorb internal vibrations created by the turntables. Thus, it will result in high-quality audio performances.

Suggestion: A good turntable mat can help to improve your turntable performance further. See our guide for the best turntable mat selection.


Turntable music is recently a phenomenon among audiophiles. However, you will need extra delicacy and a generous budget to enjoy this type of art.

Not only a turntable costs you a lot, but it also requires expensive accessories, especially turntable isolation platforms.

I hope this article today can help you with your cost-effective option of isolation platforms. Get yourself a platform and enjoy the music.

Also, if you're going to invest in one of more expensive options we recommend proper machine maintenance like regular vinyl cleaning. This will extend the longevity of the equipment.

Thank you and see you again.

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