The Best Record Cleaning Machine For The Money - The Best Buyer’s Guide

The best record cleaning machine for the money in 2020 is reviewed right here, in this article! So if you are looking for one, read it now.
by Helen Appling | Updated: October 6, 2020

Your old records have finally lost all their lusters? Are they full of dust and dirt and getting in the way of you trying to relax with a good song?

Then it is high time to wash them with the best record cleaning machine for the money!

What? You do not know which washer is the best to buy? No problem! Right here in this article, we will show the top 5 hottest cleaners on the 2020 market. Let’s spend a few minutes checking out all of them right away!

Best Record Cleaning Machine For The Money In 2020

Keeping the vinyl records clean not only preserves the quality but also their value, especially with extremely high-value vinyl records. The following machines will definitely do it perfectly.

1. Spin-Clean Record Washer System

Record Washer System by Spin-Clean

Can not wait? Alright! we will start reviewing our first product right away! Here is the Record Washer System made by the brand Spin-Clean which leads the pack in terms of ease of cleaning.

So, how easy can you clean your records with it in fact? Well! This device requires no power or electricity to work at all Instead, you are able to do the cleaning work by hand!

Of course, there is no difficulty in manual washing. More specifically, you can simply set up the device by attaching all the washer parts and your record together.

After that, add the washing fluid and rotate the disk in it a few times. The device will clean two sides of the record in one single go! Isn’t it cool?

However, while you are doing your cleaning job, you may hear some loud noise from the device.

That is the sound of the motorized vacuum LPs washing system and there is nothing wrong with it. That being said, some might find this little aspect bothersome.


  • Requiring no power or electricity
  • Easy setting up
  • Cleaning two sides at one time


  • Loud sound while working.

Check it price here:

Spin-Clean MKII Complete Kit Spin-Clean MKII Deluxe Kit

2. Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System

The second product has arrived! Let’s check out the Deep Groove Record Washer System made by the brand Vinyl Styl now.

As you have known, there are many environmental impacts that can damage your records such as dirt, dust, stain, etc. But those are not an issue with this Vinyl Styl washer!

Designed with original goat hair brushes and a special washing fluid formula, the device can clean all the dirty things that stick on your LPs.

In addition, right after completing your job, you can filter the washing fluid with a funnel and filter system.

So, instead of buying new fluid, you can reuse this detergent for as many times as you want! It is such a money-saving solution, right?

On the contrary, you may get a hard time pouring out the filtered fluid. The “lips” of the funnel and filter system are quite badly designed and the detergent might spill due to that


  • Cleaning efficiently
  • Reusable washing fluid
  • A good rack for drying the LPs


  • Bad lips designed.
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3. Record Friend! Vinyl Record Cleaner

Record Friend! Vinyl Record Cleaner

Here is the Record Friend! Vinyl Record Cleaner - a great product of Big Fudge. Let's see why it is the hottest item of thí brand right now!

This is a super record cleaning type. Why is that? It includes a dual wash brush system, which means it can clean up to twice as fast as other disk cleaners.

Vinyl microfiber brushes are very soft and placed on both sides, which helps record can be cleaned deeply and easily.

Yes, just a few spins, and then you immediately have  a clean disk in its good-as-new condition

As you may not know, most Vinyl cleaners do not have a drying rack feature. However, Big Fudge's Vinyl is different. This cleaning kit consists of a 10 slot drying rack.

Usage is also very simple. Just pop your disks in, and then wipe it dry without fear of scratching.

Still, great as it might sound, having a brush on both sides can lead to a problem since it can hinder the rotation of the record and give you a rather hard time.


  • Have dual wash system
  • Great cleaning
  • Easy to use


  • Record spinning problem
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4. Studebaker Vinyl Record Cleaning System

Studebaker Vinyl Record Cleaning System

Here comes another best record cleaning machine for the money. We want you to meet the Studebaker Vinyl Record Cleaning System!

What we like about this washer system is its special fluid formula. In detail, the detergent is 100% alcohol-free, so that it will not leave any scratch or burn on your disks.

Instead, the  Studebaker manufacturer has applied a new type of fluid called MK3 Vinyl - a super powerful detergent that can work to get rid of the stickiest dirt on your records.

Also, we want you to keep in mind that this is a strong chemical, emphasizes strong.

So before you start cleaning your record, make sure that you dilute this liquid in the base of the cleaner. Otherwise, with a high concentration, the fluid may damage your LPs, and your hands as well.

Coming along with the product are a couple of drying clothes.

Thanks to these fabrics, you can wipe and dry your records right after finishing the work. The best thing about this is, you can wash the clothes and reuse them for the next time.

About the drawback, in spite of the fact that this machine is not difficult to use, you still need a while to get used to how it works.

And Unfortunately, the instruction of the product is not clear enough to guide you on how to use the device.


  • 100% alcohol-free components
  • Strong MK3 Vinyl fluid
  • Drying clothes


  • Poor directions.
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5. Record Doctor V

Record Doctor


The Record Doctor V is a manual vinyl record cleaning machine with a strong vacuum, which extends the lifetime of your vinyl at a reasonable price.

This record cleaning machine is made with the same high-performance vacuum motor and cleaning strip as costly cleaners.

The only reason Doctor V is less costly is that the engine does not have records for you, dramatically reducing the cost. You have to manually switch the records.

Record Doctor V includes a vacuum engine, a spindle with a velvet motor that is used for the rotation of recording, a record acrylic disk with a soft grip material that is used as a platter, a storage tank with a dump plug to quickly extract dirty cleaning fluids.

This unit is also fitted with a 4 oz cleaning fluid bottle and brush with dual-sided fluid applicator. One is a foam-polished cleaning applicator and one has a soft vinyl record brush.

The recording brush is soft and enables access to minute grooves and thorough cleaning.

In addition, the hand record turner allows manual turning of records easily.


  • Fully clean a vinyl record in a few full turns.
  • Cleaning fluid and other cleaning components included.
  • The clamping area covers the label area entirely.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Need to flip to the other side manually.
  • Can not use with all sizes of vinyl.
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6. iSonic P4875-NH or P4875II-4T-NH Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

iSonic P4875-NH or P4875II-4T-NH Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

Ultrasonic technology is doing well in the cleaning industry and iSonic has brought this technology into the record cleaning industry effectively.

iSonic P4875 has many features that make it a powerful cleaning solution for vinyl records. It has a huge tank, capacity to manage many records at a time, electronic systems and control, safe and gentle ultrasonic operation.

Thanks to three-stack transducers, the machine can generates ultrasonic waves. The latter are industrial rates, each of which is handled by a separate PCB unit.

The cleaner generates 35,000 Hz ultrasonic power, which is ideal for removing any dirt or germ from your record.

The vinyl record cleaner with ultrasonic can handle 5 records a time. The size of its tank is 2 gallons. The holder is fitted to the record width of 10 or 12 inches.

The included spacers allow records to be cleaned from one to four at a time. The kit also contains label seals with O rings that do not damage the vinyl labels with water.

There are no heaters in this cleaner to ensure vinyl protection. However, since the engine generates a certain amount of heat, the unit is fitted with a thermometer and a cooling fan to stabilize and reduce the water heat.

The motor is slowed down to avoid overheating and to ensure gentle cleaning. The speed of 5 RPM allows any fragment of the record to be washed in water thoroughly.

The system is controlled through the sensor panel touch controls. Flexible time settings are given for automating the cleaning process in 30 minutes and the six-time intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 minutes.

It included two liquid solution bottles. One is for record cleaning, another is for the Kimwipes no-lint Tissue.


  • Remember the last time setting you used and reload when enabled.
  • A drainage valve is equipped to release water without moving the device.
  • Comes with cleaning solution and Kimwipes tissue (no lint type).


  • Needs a perfectly flat surface to prevent water spilling over.
  • The rod of the record spinner is a bit short; it's a bit complicated to put and remove the fifth record.
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7. Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Limited-Edition Kit

Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Limited-Edition Kit

Sharing the top place with our 4 reviewed washers above is the Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Limited-Edition Kit.

Containing many high-quality tools, this Spin-Clean will be a good choice to clean your records.

When opening the package, you will find two bottles of washing detergent. Just like the above Studebaker’s item, the fluid of this Spin-Clean kit is alcohol-free MK3 Vinyl.

Thanks to this strong washing liquid, cleaning the LPs is now just a piece of cake!

Plus, there are a pair of detachable brushes that help you get rid of the hard-to-remove dirt on the disks. Especially, these tools can resist static, so that they will not damage your records while washing.

Despite the advantages, the product still has a point that makes us disappointed. As we tried washing our 12 inches LPs, the device worked alright.

But with the 10 inches and 7 inches, the rollers felt out quite much and annoyed us. In our opinion, these parts should be better designed to hold the device tighter.


  • Strong washing fluid
  • Anti-static brushes
  • Soft drying clothes


  • Loose rollers (for 7 inches and 10 inches records).
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What To Look For In A Cheap Record Cleaning Machine?

What do you need to consider about the best record cleaning machine for the money? Price, quality, or color? Let's check it out now!


The record cleaning machines’ prices vary and can stop at all levels possible. It can be cheap, or extremely expensive.

Of course, the most expensive kind is not always the best. And the one with the cheap price is not of poor quality as well.

You need to determine your budget properly and choose the best products within your budget.

In addition, you can ask for the advice from the salesperson, they will suggest a few models that suit your needs and budget

Automatic Vs. Manual

Some washer system works automatically, while some do not. Each type has its own advantages. Thus, you should get the right item depending on your purposes.

For example, the automatic sort can help you save time and effort on the cleaning.

However, it can only work well on the common stains or blotches and the stubborn ones are outside of its ability. On the other hand, you can get rid of these if you clean by hand.

Cleaning Methods

Typically, the washer system has two cleaning methods which are dry cleaning and wet cleaning.

With the dry method, you install a carbon fiber brush to the machine. And then this brush will work to get rid of all dust on your records.

On the contrary, if you choose the wet cleaning methods, you have to put your LPs into a washing fluid in order to remove all sticky dirt and grime on them.


Above are our top 5 hottest products on the market. Have you found the best record cleaning machine for the money to buy?

If you do not know which one is suitable to get, then we recommend the Spin-Clean Record Washer MKII Limited-Edition Kit!

This product has all the high-quality tools you need to wash your records. Trust us! It will please you at best.

For more posts, please subscribe to our newsletter! We will upload new articles about record cleaning, including tips, products, and buying instructions!

And now, our article will come to an end. Many thanks to you for having read it!

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