Best Amplifier For Turntable – How To Choose?

Choosing the best amplifier for turntable can be like choosing a pet for your house. You need to pick the best fit or it would become a mess!
by Helen Appling | Updated: March 23, 2021

Are you looking for the best amplifier for turntable? Are you being swarmed by all the options, not knowing which one is the most suitable match?

Well, this is your lucky day, as I am here to help you. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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Our Top Pick
YAMAHA A-S501BL Natural Sound Integrated Stereo Amplifier (Black)
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494 Reviews
Home Audio Power Amplifier System - 2X120W Mini Dual Channel Mixer Sound Stereo Receiver Box w/ RCA, AUX, Mic Input - For Amplified Speakers, PA, CD Player, Theater, Studio Use - Pyle PTA4 Black
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867 Reviews
TDA7498E 2 Channel Home Stereo Audio Amplifier, ANSTEN 2.0CH Bluetooth 5.0 Mini Hi-Fi Class D Integrated Amp Receiver for Home Desktop Speakers 160W x 2 with Bass Treble and USB Port
Our Rating
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287 Reviews

How To Choose The Best Amplifier For Turntable?

An amp plays a critical role in achieving high-fidelity sound. Hence knowing what to expect is key to making a sound purchase.

Choose The Best Amplifier For Turntable

What Options Are Available?

There are two routes you can take when deciding on an amp.

The first option is a traditional stereo amp with two high-quality amplification channels in the spotlight, yielding high quality, beautiful sound.

The other is a multi-channel AV receiver with a much broader design focus, often emphasizing features over sound quality.

The final decision is up to you. However, if you opt for a traditional 2-channel amp, the likelihood of you achieving what you want (and need) is higher.

I will only recommend the former amp type, as I emphasize sound quality over flashy features. Nonetheless, an AV receiver is not at all a bad idea, since they are more economical. Again, you make the call.

What To Look For In An Amp?

  • Built-in preamp/ phono input
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Tone control
  • Power
  • Speaker pair-ability

An ideal amp for vinyl should have a built-in preamp and phono input for versatility. These features allow you to skip buying a preamp for your turntable (for those not made with a preamp built-in).

Bluetooth connectivity is an excellent feature to look for in an amp for both newly initiated and veteran. It saves you from the gruel of figuring out which wire goes where and offers instant musical pleasure.

The tone control is also highly recommended. I like to customize the music a bit whenever I play my vinyl.

In addition to tone quality, another factor that you should look for when choosing a good amp is power.

A good amp should be pair-able with many speaker types. This way, we are free to swap speakers without having to buy another amp. “The more power the amp produces, the better performance you get from the speaker.” You should look for output wattage info of the amp. However, it can sometimes be misleading. A good amp does not necessarily have high output.

Now that you know what to expect let us choose the optimum amp for your device.

Here are my top recommendations.

Top 10 Amplifiers For Your Turntables

Yamaha A-S501BL- Solid Amp With Clean Sound For Home Use

Yamaha A-S501BL- Solid Amp With Clean Sound For Home Use

If you want to invest in a robust amp that produces absolutely no annoying hum, try the Yamaha A-S501BL.

Again, this is a great one for turntables with no built-in preamp. You can just hook your turntable up and enjoy great music fuss-free

I compliment the amp for having quite a solid and sturdy build. However, it is quite heavy (it weighs 26.7 lbs), so not recommended to travelers. Yet if you intend it for home use, this one is just the right fit.

This one has an excellent SNR of 99dB. If you distrust the number, what if I tell you that I cannot hear ANY hum or noise through my Klipschorns - the most sensitive speakers on the market while plugging it to the YAMAHA-S801BL? If no unwanted noise goes through those Klipschorns, none will go through other speakers.

The sound quality of this one is, as expected, superb. I love the crystal clear sound it produces, and it has punch, not boomy.

YAMAHA is known for using very high-quality parts for their amps, all of which are tested for sound quality. So rest assured you can extract every dollar’s worth from your investment.

A downside is that the YAMAHA-S801BL only has one phono input. If you have multiple turntables that you would like to hook to this amp, you will have to purchase an external phono amplifier.

I would recommend this amp to anyone who wants exceptional quality and is not afraid to spend more.


  • Built-in phono
  • Solid build
  • Optical input and USB
  • Great SNR
  • Subwoofer available


  • Heavy
  • Is quite an investment

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Pyle PTA4 - Best Medium-Sized 2-Channel Receiver

Pyle PTA4- Best Medium-Sized 2-Channel Receiver

Searching for a size medium yet strong 2-channel amp? Search no more, as this is your answer.

This one is great because no additional equipment is needed to hook it to a turntable. If you don’t want to purchase a preamp or an amp with Bluetooth connectivity, then the Pyle PTA4 is just the right fit.

A compact design is a plus for this one. It weighs around 5 pounds, measuring at 5.39 x 8.27 x 2.72 inches, neither too big nor too small. This measurement allows the amp to fit snugly in your home without looking too overwhelming or too minimal.

The amp features a 2-channel amp system, which is famous for creating a crisp and clear sound. Combined with a powerful output wattage of 240W, it can produce hi-fi sound even at higher volumes. This one packs the benefits of a full-size amp into its medium size.

The Pyle PTA4 boasts a comprehensive frequency response (20 Hz-40 kHz), making it capable of amplifying any type of audio, including music or vocals.

Moreover, you can tune the music to your liking. The control center panel on the unit’s face allows you to adjust to microphone volume, master volume, balance, bass, and treble. It is also great for DIY audio projects.

To cut things short, this one is a perfect choice for a good medium amp.


  • Medium size
  • Wide frequency response
  • Can hook to a turntable (without preamp)


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TDA7498E 2 Channel Home Stereo Audio Amplifier - Best For Compact Use

TDA7498E 2 Channel Home Stereo Audio Amplifier - Best For Hesitating Buyers.

If you are still on the fence about getting an amp, check out this one.

First and foremost, it has a compact, minimalistic design, which is less intimidating for hesitating new audiophiles. We all know how size can be overwhelming. So purchasing a mini amp like this one can help rule that out.

As an addition, its small size means it will not take up too much space, which is perfect for your bookshelf/desktop/office…

This is a hassle-free trial, as the manufacturer promises you an 18-month replacement and 90 days money back. So if you have any complaint or simply just dislike the product, you can always get a refund. It is a foolproof, safe bargain for those still reluctant with their purchases.

Although the company guarantees you 90 days money-back and 18-month replacement, I doubt you will need it. For a reasonable price, the amp boasts excellent sound quality. Everything sounds crisp and clear, with minimal to no background hum.

And as a plus, you can connect it directly to your turntable without the need of a preamp.

A feature that I would like to see in this amp is the subwoofer volume control. The tone control knobs have no impact on the sub as well. So you will have to adjust your media in advance on a computer. If you are into DIY audio projects, this amp may not suit you.

All in all, this is a compact yet powerful amp with a great refund policy for people on the fence about getting an amp.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Overheat protection design
  • 90 days money back
  • Connects directly to turntable
  • Compact design


  • Compact size can be a challenge for arthritis hands
  • Need turntable with built-in preamp or a single preamp to connect

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Kinter K2020A - An Affordable Compact Amp For Tripath Chip Enthusiasts

Kinter K2020A- An Affordable Compact Amp For Tripath Chip Enthusiasts

If you are looking for a compact, high-quality Tripath amp with an easy-going price, this is the one.

The amp contains an ORIGINAL Tripath TA2020-020 amplifier chip, which provides efficient, powerful sound.

Compact size (4.72 x 5.79 x 1.65 inches and 1 pound in measurement) makes this amplifier great for projects and DIY audio applications, also for small spaces like the office or your bedroom.

The design is quite simplistic and user-friendly. On the front panel, you will see a power switch, as well as several knobs for bass, treble, and volume control with labels printed nearby. This allows you to fine-tune the music to your ears and achieve optimum sonic quality.

One downside is that the amp does not come with a phono input or preamp, so unless your turntable comes with a built-in preamp, you would have to get yourself one.

In a nutshell, this is a high-quality, affordable TRIPATH amp, an excellent match for Tripath amp enthusiasts.


  • Compact size
  • Versatile applications
  • Independent bass and treble control


  • No power save
  • No pre-amp

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Pyle PTA1000 - Best Affordable Professional Amplifier

Pyle PTA1000 - Best Affordable Professional Amplifier

For those looking for a reasonably-priced, light-weight, and long-lasting professional 2-channel amplifier, the Pyle PTA1000 is a great fit.

This one is suitable for turntables without a built-in preamp, as Bluetooth connectivity is available. The PTA1000 features hassle-free receiver pairing allows you to stream wireless audio instantly.

Lightweight is the strength of this amp. Weighing only 1 pound, it makes carrying great music with you easy and convenient.

This amplifier comes into this list thanks to its precautious features, which prolongs its lifespan:

  • Shockproof Binding Posts are provided. When turning on the amp, there is a three-second delay. This feature reduces/eliminates the turn-on transients associated with the system equipment( the one connected to the amplifier), thus protecting loudspeakers.
  • Built-in Automatic Cooling Fans: Two 2-speed DC fans supply cool air to the amplifier. The fans switch to high speed automatically when the unit requires additional cooling. If you tend to have long music-listening sessions, this is the right fit.


  • Long-lasting
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Light-weight


  • Cooling fans hum
  • Require built-in preamp turntable or a single preamp to connect

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Onkyo TX-8020 2 Channel Stereo Receiver – Best For Home Theater Setup

Onkyo TX-8020 2 channel Stereo Receiver – best for home theater setup

The Onkyo TX-8020 stereo receiver is an excellent investment for those wanting to experience theater sound quality. In other words, it is excellent for a home theater setup.

Its five inputs and an included subwoofer output allows you to have flexible speaker options, as well as listening sources, allowing you to experiment with your music. You can vary devices freely without having to think twice about it.

This amplifier has built-in phono input, though not audiophile quality, provides a convenient experience without the need for preamps.

However, at this price range, it boasts excellent sound quality. Thanks to its discreet bi-polar output devices, you will get clean and undistorted sound, even at high volume levels and during musical peaks. This feature is particularly great for genres like rock and classical music.

In short, this is a great choice for a budgeted home theater setup.


  • Phono input
  • Pre-out subwoofer
  • Energy-efficient
  • Good quality per dollar


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

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Fosi Audio BT10A - Best For Music-Loving Travelers

Fosi Audio BT10A - Best For Music-Loving Travelers

This one is an absolute gem and wins the trust of users around the world. If you want a decent amp that does not take up too much space, this is the one.

Weighing only 1,72 lbs and measuring at 4.21 x 3.43 x 1.18”, this one is just the right fit for your desktop or a small place in your home/ office. Another strong point of this product is its Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, a streaming range of up to 39 ft. The feature allows you to play music directly from your turntable without bringing all sorts of wires into the game.

The only downside is that other people’s gadgets can interfere with your connection and, thus, your playlist.

Anyway, combined with the amp’s portable size, the two features make an ultimate combo for audiophile hitchhikers, as you can enjoy the warm and soothing sound of your records whenever and wherever you like.

The bottom line is, this small yet powerful amp has excellent sound play sound quality and is perfect for travel enthusiasts.


  • Compact design
  • Bass and Treble control
  • High Signal to Noise Ratio
  • Bluetooth connectivity


  • Multiple Bluetooth sources disrupt soundplay
  • No built-in preamp/ phono

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Denon AVR-X6500H - Best For 7.2.4 Audio Setup

Denon AVR-X6500H- Best For 7.2.4 Audio Setup

This one has the highest price tag among all of my recommendations. So it might not be suitable for new audiophiles still hesitating on how much to spend.

However, as with other amps from this price range, you can rest assured it will deliver and perform and is worthy of every single penny you have spent.

The amp features Audyssey MultEQ XT32, the most advanced EQ calibration & room measurement system, which dynamically optimizes all speakers to your listening levels. You can always count on the Denon to deliver a smooth musical experience and say farewell to sudden blasts or muffled sound.

The Denon has low impedance drivers, which provide operational stability for a wide range of speakers and create balanced, tonal sound. Combined with BLOCKBUSTING SURROUND SOUND from Dolby Atmos, they make a great couple that would satisfy even the pickiest ears.

Also, the IP Control Remote Monitoring makes quick, reliable troubleshooting through now possible. For an amp with many features, sometimes troubleshooting problems can be hard-pressed. Not anymore!

The bottom line is, if you are either in search of an audiophile-approved amp in the high-end section or want to have a full 7.2.4 setup, this is an outstanding choice.


  • Has many features
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32 calibration & room measurement system
  • Easy troubleshooting


  • Quite a high price
  • Gets warm when operating

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YAMAHA R-S202BL - Best For Beginners And Headphone Users

YAMAHA R-S202BL- Best For Beginners And Headphone Users

The Yamaha R S202BL is excellent for beginners because it has an easy setup and straight-forward instructions. Moreover, its versatility saves you from the guilt of having splurged on your hobby (a common mindset for new initiates) by providing you with flexible usage.

The amp has 4 RCA inputs, meaning you have three extra channels to enjoy music, news,…whatever you like apart from your turntable. Moreover, the thing has 40 preset FM/AM radio channels, meaning you get a total of 44 sources to listen to.

A great feature of the Yamaha RS202BL is that it produces sound to both the headphone jack and the output speakers, which best fits people who must use headphones to hear appropriately.

You may find the volume knob has to be turned very far to reach a good volume level than other receivers due to its output wattage of 100W. Yet these receivers can do louder than you will ever need it to.

If your turntable does not have a built-in preamp/phono, you might have to get one, as this receiver does not come with that feature.

All in all, for a reasonable price, this amp is the best amplifier for turntables of beginners and headphone users.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy setup
  • FM/AM stereo presets
  • 4 RCA inputs (3 extra)
  • Eco-power


  • No built-in preamp/phono

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For Final Words

Hopefully, after reading my post (or maybe just skimming through), you can make up your mind about which amp is the best amplifier for turntable.  All in all, products in my recommended lists vary significantly in sizes and prices so that you can always pick something that befits you. I’m always glad I could help.

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