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by Helen Appling | Updated: February 18, 2021

You are now perplexed among thousands of At lp60bk review papers. The purchasing decision has stressed you out due to the common variance in Internet-based materials provided. Being fans of vinyl or loving to enjoy music recordings, you still want to have a turntable in your residence for relaxation. We guarantee that after reading our post, you will know what to do.

At LP60BK Review - Brand Reputation

In contrast to the successful entry of the vinyl revival, Audio-Technica - a senior corporation initially known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges, now follows an orientation of diversification by creating high-performance headphones, turntables, microphones, wireless systems, and electronic products for home and professional uses.

Notably, the company provides AT-LP60 exhibiting a fully-featured turntable. This product comprises a clear plastic dust cover, a metal platter, a built-in phono preamplifier, and a pre-mounted cartridge. Screening its price tag and easy-to-use trait, the Audio-Technica AT-LP60 is certainly an ideal model for folks who commence getting into vinyl or for the baby-boomer generation who has been familiar with the company’s LP collections.

Design And Key Features

At LP60BK Turntable

Overall Size

The device is more compact than some other turntables, weighing 6.6 pounds and featuring small dimensions that are 3.8 inches high and 14 inches square. You can freely select either an external preamplifier with high-quality sound or a built-in phono preamplifier that is commonly compatible with audio-in jacks, using a tiny switch coming from the rear panel.

The platter

Similar to the system run by many audiophile turntables available on the current market, this turntable uses a belt-drive system. In other words, the platter spins thanks to the motor pulley, utilizing a “belt” made of rubber. Logically deducing, the machine is inappropriate for DJ use, which requires back-cueing or fast scratching.


You can limit your turntable output by using a hardwired cable 24 inches long that is unsuited with RCA plugs. However, you have another option is buying either a cheap RCA adapter or a 3.5 mm one, which allows you to plug your machine into units with a line-in port such as a stereo system, portable speaker, or boombox.

Four Buttons

You will notice four buttons on your AT-LP60BK turntable front panel, which are Cue, Stop, Start, and Speed. The Cue functionality is raising and lowering the tonearm, and it is particularly helpful for users whose hands tend to be shaky or for a clearer observation while playing the machine. You can see a lever lying on the top of this turntable that only matches 7-to-12-inch records.

A vast majority of 45rpm singles with a diameter of 7 inches owns a wider center hole than LPs in general. Hence, you will receive a 45 adapter disc from Audio-Technica, placing it over the spindle of your machine to play 45s.

On the other hand, LPs have a diameter of 12 inches, then in case you use LPs, the Size and Speed controls will not concern you at all. But if you intend to combine 45s and LPs, keep in mind to have the corresponding powers set from the outset.

At LP60BK Connectivity


To play records, you need to perform the following steps. Firstly you place the metal platter lying right on your turntable, then establish the rubber belt with the motor pulley.

Next, put a felt mat on the platter's surface, and remove the small plastic piece away that functions as the cartridge’s “protector”. Finally, you can sit back and enjoy your music records. Comprehending users’ inclination of convenience as the first criterion, the company has added a counterweight for the tonearm and a stylus to control force.

Pros And Cons 


  • Affordable
  • Fully automatic
  • Easy to assemble and operate
  • Compact
  • Perform digital transfer


  • Lack of short RCA cables and hardwired RCA cables
  • Have tacky buttons
  • Lack of adjustment features
  • Can not upgrade the volume

Should You Buy The At LP60BK Turntable?

The most outstanding feature of this Audio is that it is pretty affordable and fully automatic. Though the dust covers are removable, leading to more scratches, they provide a “wholehearted embrace” to the player and records.

Additionally, users can easily assemble and operate this Audio. Also, you can perform the digital transfer thanks to the Audio’s USB port.

Weighing under 3kg, you can bring this compact Audio along. Because it is very lightweight, particularly when compared to some other “faces” on the market, people usually suppose the turntable lacks stability and sturdiness. However, it is durable in reality, worthy of a highly-rated turntable.

Should You Buy the At LP60BK Turntable

On the contrary to good points listed above, a noticeable drawback of this unit is its lack of short RCA cables and hardwired RCA cables. The tacky buttons gradually bring about malfunction after a certain period of use, which probably diminishes users' trust in PL products' quality. Several external elements like vibrations may cause the needle to halt during playing, interrupting your relaxing ambiance.

Furthermore, the lack of adjustment features like counterweight and turntable anti-skating alongside the low level of recording via USB also make customers hesitant about buying one Audio At LP60BK turntable. On top of these drawbacks mentioned previously, the biggest one is that you can not upgrade the volume.

Meanwhile, this unit requires improvement through software. Therefore, much bad feedback about the defective units regularly sent to Audio-Technica companies likely impacted other customers' purchasing choices.

However, generally speaking, with the clear and warm tones provided by this turntable, you will have a great time to unwind and temporarily escape from the daily grind, enjoying the decent sound quality comfortably. The turntable comes with a magnetic cartridge, granting a better sound quality than some other cheap units with ceramic cartridges.

The product is an amazing entry-level turntable whose sound quality is good enough without any doubt. Believe us, pick one if you are on a shoestring budget; the turntable will exceed your expectation at a reasonable price.


Does The PL60BK Have a Dust Cover?

The answer is yes, and you can assemble it right after unboxing your turntable.

Does This Turntable Come With Any Software?

Definitely yes, and the software named Audacity. Besides, you can choose among thousands of free software online for your turntable.

Why Doesn’t My AT-LP60 Turntable’s Platter Spin? 

Supposing that the AT-LP60BK turntable is new to you, the platter does not spin although you finish setting the unit up. Or because you move to a new location, the platter suddenly does not work. Then what happens to the Audio’s platter?

Before concluding this issue, you should firstly be aware of this turnable that is a belt-driven one. And, bear in mind when using a pulley system, place the belt whilst setup. You can apply this practice, especially on the simple-to-operate machines.

By driving a pulley system, the platter of your turntable spins normally, meaning that you must connect the platter to the motor pulley, which has a gold color and spins beneath the platter.

If you place the belt around the plastic rim underneath the platter or around the white-colored pulley on the right of your hand, the platter will not spin as you choose the start button.

Final Verdict

We hope that our at lp60bk review is useful for your final buying choice. If you have experience with this turntable, share with us by commenting in the box below. Or if you are not clear about any parts of this paper, feel free to ask us.

And lastly, thank you for reading our review.