1byone 471NA-0003 Belt Drive Stereo Turntable Review

Are you wondering whether the 1byone Turntable is worthy of your money? Quickly dive into our 1byone Belt Drive Stereo Turntable Review now!
by Helen Appling | Updated: February 18, 2021

As we all know, choosing a good turntable can be hard, but choosing the most suitable one for yourself is even harder. Indeed, before making the final decision, there are various factors that you must take into consideration, such as its features, price, and durability.

When it comes to the best turntables in the market, the 1byone Turntable can not be looked over, for it has been growing in popularity these days.

To help you figure out if this product fits you, our 1byone belt drive stereo turntable review model 471NA-0003 will provide the most comprehensive review and assist you in making the final decision. Now let’s get right into it!

Main Features 

Exterior Design

The 471NA-0003 turntable has been taking the world by storm with its vintage, elegant yet surprisingly durable wooden outer appearance. If you are in the market for a piece of an antique-looking turntable, this one is definitely worth a shot.

Apart from being added for decorating purposes, the wooden coating also acts as an efficiently protective shield, keeping the surface dust-free and smooth for lasting longevity.

Additionally, for easy and convenient playback control, this turnable is well-designed with a front panel that can be used to replay any song segments you want.

1byone Turntable 471NA-0003 Exterior Design

Built-in Speaker

To maximize the music's portability and sound quality, the 1byone belt drive stereo turntable features a built-in speaker locating on either side of the front panel.

Even though free-standing speakers have been used commonly in lots of home audio systems forever, we all know how it can cause numerous discomfort to carry around and take up spaces.

By having a built-in speaker, your listening experience will be taken to a whole new level, for the superior quality that this high-tech audio provides is totally undoubted.

Sound Reproduction

The 1byone Turntable has an exceptional sound reproduction capacity that most turntables in the market these days can’t compete.

To be more specific, it is equipped with a 1.5W audio processor for optimal sound balance, which provides the listeners with the most pleasant and enjoyable experiences.

Bluetooth And USB Connection

If you are in possession of old-fashioned turntable models, you must understand how annoying it can be when your player can’t be connected with your phone and computer. To play music on the l turntable, you are required to insert a physical CD on the plate.

The 1byone Turntable can solve this problem immediately with its Bluetooth and USB connectivity features. Using Bluetooth and USB, you can play and transfer any kind of music from your phone and laptop to the turnable within a second.

1byone Turntable 471NA-0003 Converting Ability

Replaceable Stylus Needle

The stylus needle of the 1byone Turntable can be easily detached and replaced if any malfunction happens. With its compact and simple design, even the inexperienced can effortlessly remove the former cartridge and push in the new one without any trouble.

However, your purchase won’t include any additional needle for later replacement, so it’s highly suggested that you buy them separately to extend your turnable life.


Thanks to the built-in audio system and wireless connectivity, the 1byone Turntable is considerably lightweight.

Therefore, this buddy is an ideal option if you are seeking out a high-quality yet moderate-in-size turntable for merely household purposes.

Besides that, with its modest measurements, you can effortlessly bring it along for a road trip with your best mates and blast out the most satisfying and high-quality vinyl music pieces.

Speed Setting

1byone Turntable 471NA-0003 Bluetooth And USB connection

Another feature that sets this turnable from the other ones is its selectable speed setting. You can quickly switch from one mode to another with just a push on the button.

There are three speeds that you can select from 33 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM. Additionally, the unit also includes a 45 RPM adaptor to help you play an unlimited amount of records in your collection.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the Auto-Stop feature to set the finish time for one side of the record. When the time comes, the turntable will automatically stop without needing you to turn it off manually

Converting Ability

When it comes to converting ability, you can completely place your trust in this 1byone Turntable. It allows you to record a certain number of records and store them as MP3 files for later uses.

With this feature, you can enjoy your music anywhere anytime without having to worry about the limit of connection. All you need to do is push a vinyl record on the turntable, insert your USB key, press record, and the turntable will do the rest for you.

1byone Turntable 471NA-0003 Built-in Speaker


Regardless of all the outstanding features that the 1byone Turntable provides, there are still some worth-mentioning downsides that you should look into at your own discretion before making a purchase.

1. Sound Limitation

Considering the complexity of the assembling process, the manufacturers have limited the speaker power to a certain level. But mainly for the sake of overall sound quality.

Therefore, if you want to amplify the music sounds for special occasions such as a home party or outside picnic, it would be best if you used the turntable in conjunction with an external speaker for a better audio experience.

2. Tonearm And Base Construction

The tonearm construction and base in 1byone Turntable can cause early premature damage if endured strong forces or played for an extended time. It is mainly because the tonearm is comparatively light and the base attachment to the turntable can be unsteady.

With that said, it would be best if you handled the turntable as carefully as possible to reduce unwanted damage to the parts.

Quick Rundown 


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Connection with USB and Bluetooth
  • Can convert from vinyl to MP3 files
  • RCA line-out for better sound quality
  • Impressive exterior appearance
  • Produce high-quality sound
  • Great music reproduction
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Light tonearm
  • Wobbly base
  • Limited power of the sound i

The Bottom Line

After reading our 1byone belt drive stereo turntable review, have you gathered enough useful information to make the final decision on whether or not you should purchase this item?

Speaking for ourselves, this product is well-deserved to be on top of your buying list. Especially if you are looking for an affordable yet functioning turntable. Moreover, the 1byone record player requires minimum maintenance to replace the broken parts can be easily.

All things considered, I hope you will soon find the most suitable turntable for yourself. We've made reviews about a lot of other brands such as Jensen record player, Victrola, Crosley, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment down below. See you in our next review!