YELLOW #5 - Demon Crossing LP/CD scat73 - out now!
Demon Crossing Track listing:
1. Demon Crossing 2:13
2. Auto Pilot 6:25
3. No Loitering 3:36
4. Screaming Mimi 4:14
5. Moon Man 5:22 mp3
6. Bad Girl 0:32
7. Jackie 5:34
8. Lust 3:12 video

9. ICFCFBM 4:30
10. Seven Addictions 3:04
11. Hair of the Dog 3:37
12. Herman R. Miller, Esq. III 0:19
13. Wine Spo-dee-o-dee 2:44
14. Deviant Angel 4:35 video
15. Cut Off, LA 1:25 / TT: 51:30
LP sequence is a bit different, but has all the same songs.

Recorded at Rancho de la Luna by Brenndan McGuire. Produced by Brenndan, Molly and Greg Biribauer.

Molly McGuire
bass, vocals, accordion, xylophone, piano, percussion
Dave Catching
guitar, lapsteel, rants
Brant Bjork
drums (on album)
Gene Trautmann
drums (current)

Y5 cubed
L to R: Gene, Molly, Dave. Photo by Greg Biribauer.

A solid, solid debut that balances its dark atmospherics with compelling songwriting, natural musicianship, swagger, soul, and a wide variety of material. The CD booklet includes all the lyrics, each accompanied by one of Molly's drawings. The LP edition is a very nice piece as well - direct metal mastering, old school thick tip-on jacket, 100% virgin vinyl, and you get the CD lyric book too. Though I won't rule out future pressings, the initial batch of 1000 will be the only one with the hi-test jacket.   order

Currently based in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree CA, Yellow #5 was formed in New Orleans in 2001. Molly McGuire wrote Demon Crossing over a period of a month, inspired by the twin moons of a nasty breakup (both her band Rhudabega and a relationship) and a desire to musically recreate the atmosphere of Nola’s Circle Bar, to whose recently passed owner Kelly Keller the album is dedicated. Though a native of Ontario, Canada, Molly’s half dozen years in the Crescent City leave an indelible stamp on the songs. Enlisting the aid of Dave Catching, whom she met playing with Nola punk mainstays the Gnarltones, the two formed Yellow #5 to perform these songs. Molly relocated to the Palm Desert area of California in 2001, eventually recording Demon Crossing at Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree in 2003 with the assistance of Molly’s brother, engineer Brenndan McGuire, and Spores compatriot Greg Biribauer. Friend and veteran drummer par excellence Brant Bjork (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Che, several solo albums) volunteered to play drums on the album, while Gene Trautmann (Miracle Workers, QotSA) is the current drummer. Y5 will be touring both the US and Europe later this year.

dig in
  L to R: Gene, Molly, Dave. Photo by Greg Biribauer.
Given how musically active the members of the group are, a certain amount of name dropping is inevitable here. While not particularly informative in regards to the sound of Y5, it does serve the larger point that Molly and Dave are not hobbyists, but unique and natural musicians whose talents are valued by their peers. Most recently, Molly has recorded with Martina Topley-Bird for her upcoming album, with earthlings? for their next LP “3,” played and recorded with Mondo Generator for a couple years, and has made appearances on records by Mark Lanegan, Twilight Singers, and Queens of the Stone Age. Currently, Molly is particularly active with her other band The Spores and also keeps busy as a visual artist, as a filmmaker with Reject Productions, as well as staging tryouts for human drummers for a German death metal band made up of puppets (Arugula). We are not making this up - it’s totally for real and she’s staged these tryouts several times in LA (so far no human drummers have been up to the Arugula standard). Dave Catching’s first recording dates from a 1982 single with the Modifiers (also feat Jon Densmore and Derf Scratch), several records with his group earthlings?, and integral contributions to albums by Mark Lanegan, The Desert Sessions and Queens of the Stone Age among many others. Following the passing of Fred Drake, Dave is now the custodian and keeper of the flame at Rancho de la Luna recording studio in Joshua Tree.
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