How to Move a Baby Grand Piano?

 We all may know that moving a grand piano is not an easy and simple job because a baby grand piano is huge and heavy. A baby grand piano is 500 pounds. With these weights the problem is how to move a baby grand piano?

There are many reasons that you must move your piano such as

  • Move a piano from this showroom to another.
  • Move to another new house
  • Bring a piano to the store to fix it.
  • Move a piano to perform
  • Move a piano from this floor to another in your house

Because a piano in general, and baby grand piano in particular,  not only is a musical instrument but also has interior and spiritual values, , the question “how to move a baby grand piano” is a common thinking of users.

Besides, the piano is heavy and big, made of all most wood, so when moving a piano, you need to be careful to minimize the risk of damaging your piano.

A small piece of damage can reduce the perfect beauty of this musical instrument.

With some kinds of Grand piano or Baby Grand piano, their weight is from 500 pounds to 1000 pounds.

However, here, the problem is not their weight, if it is too heavy, you just need to find some strong people or the support of machines to move them.

Going hand in hand with their weight, the problem is the balance and inertia.

The Structure of your piano can decide what the effective and safe way is to move it.

You may think that moving a Baby Grand needs to have many strong people, but actually, we just need 3 people to do all of the jobs of moving a Baby Grand piano.

Therefore, moving a Baby Grand piano meets troubles not only in its weight.

But also its asymmetrical design of the cover, system of piano and unequal distribution of the parts of the piano.

When moving a piano, you need to understand of its system and inertia.

Mistakes when moving a baby grand piano

moving piano mistake

Move a piano without necessary equipment

Moving your piano without preparation is the best way to damage your piano.

A dolly with large size, moving straps, blankets and padding are necessary for you in moving process.

If you don’t have this equipment, you should hire a moving company to ask for renting the equipment.

Lift a piano by its legs

If you tend to move your piano like moving a bed or fridge, you are getting a big mistake.

They are vulnerable and when you lift it by its legs, the weight balance can be easy to shift and causes a leg to snap.

By this way, not only your piano is damaged, but also you too.

Besides, do not push a piano by its casters. They are decorative and over time, they will deteriorate.

If you push them, they will break or come off entirely leading to damage to the piano and also the floor.

Not wrapping the piano and securing the lid.

Please make sure that the lid’s clock is closed and locked. 

Besides, when wrapping the piano by blankets, and tape, do not allow the tape to contact with the piano because that can be the cause of damage.

If the lid does not lock, you can use a moving blanket and step to close and secure it.

Moving the piano without knowing the route. Some people think just move it and everything will be fine.

Actually, with the huge design of baby grand piano, if you still do not know the feature of the route, you can not prevent what happened to your baby grand piano.

How to move a baby grand piano?

1. Understand your piano

Normally, a piano is short and long. A baby grand piano’s size is 4’11”- 5’6” (1,5- 1,68 m) and the length is about 123 cm.

2. People

 To handle a baby grand piano, you need least three people. If you need to go up and down stairs, a minimum of four people is necessary.

3. Draw a plan

 As I said above, moving a piano is not like moving a TV or fridge, you need a concrete plan. First, you can consider the exact size of your piano: its weight, length, height and so on

With the huge design of piano, you may get many troubles when moving it to another floor.

Therefore, you should check any door that you are going to move it through. Are they tall and large enough to let the piano and its accessories pass?

– If your baby grand piano is too big to pass a door, you need to remove some accessories or to ask a professional clearance help to create the enough space.

Besides, let’s think about the destination: where will we put the piano, the corridor’s space is large or small, we should move it with standing or horizontal position, how big the main door is, is there any stair and so on.

The more details you get, the easier you can move the piano.

How to pad a baby grand piano?

In moving piano process, this step seems to be the most important step. If your piano does not receive a good protection, it will be damaged.

moving piano

A. Preparation

Unlike other furniture, you do not need to have some cartons, strongest or old newspapers to cover the piano.

You need to have “Parts Box”, furniture pad, tape, plastic wrap, thick blanket, elastic, glue, knife. These are some basic things that you should prepare for padding your piano

B. Clean

 After a long time of using and standing, because there are lots of small parts, the dust usually enters into some narrow places in your piano and get stuck under the keys.

If you forget to clean your piano before moving it, dusty may cause some scratch on your black surface.

You can ask the help from friends other moving piano company to save the time.

They can use the vacuum cleaner to remove the dust under the keys, if the vacuum cleaner is unavailable, you can use suction head to replace.

Sweeper or a soft towel will take you more time, but your piano is cleaner.

Besides, Do not water the piano, this action can lead you to a store to buy the new one,

C. Pad the piano

Depends on the size and design of your piano, you can choose the best way to pad your piano.

If your baby grand is not too big, you can pad the piano direct ly.

If you are a large block, you need to remove the part and put them in a furniture pad before moving.

Close the lid and lock the keyboard of the instrument so that when moving, the keyboard does not fall out.

When separating small parts, you can place them in a small box or furniture pad.

You should also use masking tape to mark the order of some part such as legs, rods so that you can put it back the correct order.

Make sure that every part is safe until it is in a new place.

The piano is usually made from an excellent material with polish and aesthetics, so if there is a small scratch, it can ruin the beauty of this musical instrument. 

You need to pay more attention this padding process. Use a thick blanket to cover the outside of piano which maximum impact resistance.

To protect the paint of the piano, you should use a layer of plastic to wrap inside before covering it with the blanket.

 Use tape around the blanket to keep it with the piano.

When moving, this soft and thick blanket will create elasticity, so that if there is a collision, your piano is not affected.

To make sure the blanket does not fall, you can use a string to tie them.

D. Move

With just a few second of falling, your “huge assets” can go to the store forever.

Therefore, you should be careful when moving it. Besides friends, you can combine the transport such as trucks.

In stairs, corners, the narrow area, you should move as slowly as possible. The coordinated rhythm will help this trip smoothly without obstacles.

After place the piano in the car, you should choose a stable position. Do not place it the center of the truck.

Do not put anything on the piano. The driver should choose the flat route without slopes.

When moving to new place, you can move it to the right position. Remove the blanket, the plastic wrap, string, and tape in a gentle way.

Put every part back the original position.

In process of padding piano, you should not miss any step.

Please take full steps to protect your piano as well as increase longevity, keep the beauty of this musical instrument