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What do you get when you cross Pink with Hawkwind, Brit-pop mopers, post-punk junk, disco spunk, denim and leather, spandex and polyester, fringe and feathers?

We have no idea. But you might find out by listening to Cobra Verde's latest, greatest disc, "Copycat Killers." The covers album collects 12 tunes you'd never hear on a K-Tel comp, let alone during prom night. "Copycat Killers" opens with a pot-induced rendition of Pink's "Get the Party Started" and includes everything from a kraut-rockin' take on Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" to whomp-and-stomp nuggets by the Troggs, Flamin' Groovies and, uh, New Order. That's not all -- it never is with these Cleveland rock legends. How about a Motownified take on Hawkwind? A Bo Diddley-ized upgrade of the Fall? Or a version of the Stones' "Play With Fire" that sounds like a stalker on an answering machine?

Cobra Verde will charge across the U.S.A. in support of this opus, including some dates on the Undertones reunion tour in April and May 2005. CV has been hailed as "the last rock stars," "pop nihilists," "glittery rebel rebels" and "a brilliant mix of '70s glam, post-punk, heavy pop and balls-out rock" by Magnet, Rolling Stone, FHM, Blender, Playboy, TimeOut, Entertainment Weekly, Village Voice -- every place except "Soldier of Fortune" (and they're even promising to get on board this time). So, what are you waiting for? Go to war with Cobra Verde.

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Copycat Killers tracklisting:
1. Get the Party Started (Pink)
2. Underpants (Easter Monkeys, new version)
3. Temptation (New Order)
4. I Feel Love (Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder) mp3
5. Urban Guerilla (Hawkwind)
6. I Want You (The Troggs)
7. Play With Fire (Rolling Stones)
8. Teenage Kicks (Undertones)
9. Yesterday's Numbers (Flamin' Groovies)
10. The Dice Man (The Fall)

11. So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
12. Rock and Roll Queen (Mott the Hoople)

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