Guided By Voices "Bee Thousand: The Director's Cut" 3LP tracklist
a 10th anniversary "what if?" edition
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This vinyl edition is now out of print, but we have some of the "add-on" cd left.
This page is for reference only.

just 1/3 of this double gatefold jacket, the 3rd panel and interior are filled with liner notes, photos, posters, etc etc...

Side 1
Side 2
1. Demons Are Real
2. Deathtrot and Warlock Riding a Rooster (KS)
3. Postal Blowfish (KS)
4. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory
5. At Odds with Dr. Genesis (KS)
6. Hot Freaks
7. Queen of Cans and Jars
8. Bite (KS)
9. It’s Like Soul Man [4trk version]*

1. Supermarket the Moon (SC)
2. Stabbing a Star (3 appearances elsewhere)
3. Ester’s Day
4. Her Psychology Today
5. Good for a Few Laughs (SC)
6. Smothered in Hugs
7. What Are We Coming Up To? (SC)
8. Peep-hole

Side 3 Side 4
1. Revolution Boy [aka Greenface] (KS)
2. Indian Was an Angel (KS)
3. Zoning the Planet [aka “Dank Star Ground Control”] (SC)
4. Scissors (KS)
5. Crayola [aka "Parakeet Troopers"] (NIMAF)
6. Kicker of Elves
7. 2nd Moves to Twin (KS)
8. I’ll Buy You a Bird [aka “Tobacco’s Last Stand”] (SC)
1. Awful Bliss
2. Echos Myron
3. Why Did You Land? [4 trk version] (SC)
4. You’re Not an Airplane
5. Crunch Pillow (KS)
6. Rainbow Billy (SC)
7. Tractor Rape Chain
8. Crocker’s Favorite Song (KS)
Side 5 Side 6

1. I Am A Scientist
Buzzards And Dreadful Crows
A Big Fan Of The Pigpen
4. Mincer Ray
5. Way To A Man’s Heart*
6. Twig*
7. Gold Star For Robot Boy
8. Hardcore Ufos
9. Yours To Keep
10. Shocker In Gloomtown [early version]*
11. Break Even [early version]*

1. I’ll Get Over It
2. Shocker in Gloomtown
3. Alien Lanes
4. Off the Floor
5. Break Even
6. Bee Thousand
7. I Am a Scientist
8. Curse of the Black Ass Buffalo
9. Do the Earth
10. Planet’s Own Brand
11. My Valuable Hunting Knife [Shernoff version]*

* denotes previously unreleased song or version (there are 6)
previously issued on King Shit & the Golden Boys in Box (KS), Suitcase (SC) or Not in My Air Force (NIMAF).

Sides 1-4 are an early Bee Thousand sequence, at the time titled "Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine."
Side 5 has the official Bee Thousand tracks not included in the 2LP sequence (and a bit besides).
Side 6 compiles the Grand Hour and I Am a Scientist eps, along with an outtake from the latter. This version of My Valuable Hunting Knife is very different, very rock - not just a studio version. A highlight, for sure.

The "add-on cd": a simple cd version of this release is available with purchase of the vinyl. It contains all the songs from sides 1-4 and the 5 unreleased tracks on sides 5/6. The packaging is minimal - plastic sleeve with a title card. This is intended as a convenience for those on the go or who are turntable-less. It is not available in stores or anywhere else on the 'net.

I assembled the master from Bob's original cassettes so some songs are slightly different, because during the final editing of Bee Thousand elements from different songs were occasionally combined. For example, there is no acoustic intro on "Tractor Rape Chain" - that bit was tacked on at the last minute by Bob during the final edit. Part of the intro and outro to "Kicker of Elves" was cut during editing, here it is complete. Not better or worse, just different - the curtain is pulled back, if you like.

As long as we're pulling back curtains, here are the tracklistings for all six versions of the album.

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