the eyeball of hell 2LP/CD
scat 62 - $15 dbl vinyl / $10 cd

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Track listing:

these tracks will appear on both formats:
*denotes previously unreleased song or performance

Agitated (original 45 version)
Cyclotron mp3
Jaguar Ride
You're Full of Shit
IQ 301-Man!*
Black Leather Rock*
Dead Man's Curve*
Tidal Wave
Cold Meat
Dolly Boy*
Silver Daggers*
Zoot Zoot*
Refrigerator (alternate)*
Sewercide (alternate)*
Spinach Blasters
As If I Cared
Jazz Is (part 2)*
Natural Situation

here the formats part company:

Bunnies (original 45 version)
  Bunnies (alt)
Cards and Fleurs (8/28/75)*
  Cards and Fleurs (8/14/75)
It's Artastic (8/14/75)*
  It's Artastic (8/28/75)*
Flash Coats*
Jazz Is (part 1)
Giganto (Cyclotron)

It is worth noting that the original 45 versions of Agitated and Bunnies have not been on any previous collections. The original "Agitated" really beats the crap out of the alternate version on previous comps. The alternate versions are not worse than, nor blatantly superior to extant versions, but rather reflect our intent to assemble the best group of recordings possible. In three cases, this was hard to determine, hence some of the format differences. For a complete discography of the Eels' recording sessions and disc to disc comparisons, click here.

16 of the LPs' 27 tracks have never been on vinyl before, ever. Only original tapes were used in this compilation (not true of "God Says Fuck You" or "Their Organic Majesty's..."). The vinyl issue was edited and mastered entirely in the analog domain, is pressed on virgin vinyl and housed in a full color gatefold jacket. Cover art by lead guitarist John Morton.

Both formats include the lyrics plus liner notes by John Morton, Brian McMahon and Paul Marotta.

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