Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (scat57)
cd version: LP version:

track listing:

  • I Wear Glasses in the Most Brutal Sport Ever Invented (2:55)
  • Menopause Diaries (4:47) mp3
  • Last Type (4:29)
  • Coffin Jitters (3:29)
  • Last Side of Town part 2 (6:04) mp3
  • Life Like Homes (8:23)
  • Song on a Record You Can't Get (4:52)
  • Theme from Hospital Comedian (4:08)   TT approx 39:11

Above is the CD sequence. The LP contains the same tracks in a different sequence. Although each format has a different cover, all the artwork/photographs are present in each version, just arranged a bit differently. An album of tremendous rock, beauty and vision.

from Mojo:


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