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February 2, 2015

There are now active links to purchase the GBV reissues, and much of the Scat back catalog, here. If a link stops working, that means we have run out of stock. More copies of both LPs are being pressed now, so don’t worry if you strike out – it’s just a temporary thing.

November 8, 2014

So a bit over 20 years ago we put out this album called Bee Thousand by a band from Dayton, Ohio called Guided By Voices. It’s been out of print on vinyl since the late 90s, but that situation is coming to an end very soon (exact date tba). This pressing is not limited.

This time around it’s a gatefold jacket. The nice kind, from Stoughton:

On the left panel, “Hardcore UFOs – From the Postal Blowfish Sessions” – culled from Bob’s archives. The illustrations that originally accompanied the lyrics are no longer of this world, so this seemed like an appropriate substitution. The original vinyl mastering was not particularly sympathetic (Trutone), so we’ve had John Golden re-cut. It sounds much better than the original pressings. Black vinyl only, for now anyway.

It also seemed like a good idea to reissue the kind-of companion LP, King Shit and the Golden Boys, whose second side is filled with the best Bee Thousand outtakes, while side one mops up some earlier unreleased LPs. Previously only available as part of Box, this marks the album’s first issue as a stand-alone piece. The original mastering was quite good, and archival to boot (cut in copper), so it has not been updated.

And there will be other things to look forward to… Next year a CD version of the Directors Cut will replace the standard Bee Thousand CD, and maybe the long-delayed vinyl pressing of Bill Fox’s Transit Byzantium will finally see release. Beyond that I will not make any predictions. In other news, Henry Owings at Chunklet is releasing a new Speaking Canaries album, which I’m pretty stoked about.

On a more personal note, I apologize for the poor condition this website has been in the last few years (I’m aware of the digital certificate situation and will have that fixed very soon). There have been many struggles, both technological and personal for me to overcome during this time, some quite serious, but things are now on an upward trajectory. Thank you for your patience and understanding.