Propeller LP / CD

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This pivotal Guided By Voices album is now back in print on LP and CD.

the vinyl: This is the first stand-alone pressing since the original 1992 run of 500 individually decorated albums. There will be two jacket designs available, using Bob's art from Propeller #1 and #14. Click either cover above for larger versions. The jackets are the old school 'tip-on' style - actual cardboard shells with printed wraps. They're more durable than your typical jacket and very attractive. The back covers are identical aside from a few credits. There will also be a heavyweight insert picturing a bit under 100 of the original jacket designs. Mastering is unchanged from "Box" pressings. That was a good DMM master and since the copper parts are as archival as you can get, there was really no need to remaster. Virgin vinyl.

the CD: Not really a reissue, but since we'd acquired good scans of many of the original jackets and it was time to print more booklets anyway, it seemed like a good time to upgrade the previous version's rather scanty art. Now there is an 8 page booklet rather than a single square. You can reconfigure the folds so as to choose which cover you prefer. (designs used were nos. 1, 4, 13, 14, 24, 37, 44 in the booklet and #52 under the cd). Mastering unchanged, no bonus tracks, just back in print with a better booklet.

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